How to Remove the Second Row Seats from a Ford Transit

You can remove the back seat from your Ford Transit by taking unscrewing four bolts—but be sure to follow Jerry’s safety tips!
Written by Tiffany Leung
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Removing the back seats from your
Ford Transit
can take some work since there are so many rows. Fortunately, you only need to lift the latches or pull a quick-release strap to disengage the seats.
If you’re moving cross-country or planning a long road trip, you’ll need plenty of cargo space to store all the things you’re bringing along. Fortunately, you can make more space by removing the back seats in the
Transit—but it will take some work with so many seats!
We've created a step-by-step guide to getting the back seats out of the Ford Transit. Learn how to safely remove the Ford Transit’s middle seats and how to find affordable Ford insurance.

Can you remove the second-row seats from a Ford Transit?

Yes—you can remove row-two to row-five seats from a Ford Transit. Before you start removing seats, you should first be familiar with the steps to avoid damage from incorrectly removing them. This will also ensure that you are removing the seats safely so you don’t get injured.
Before you start, below are a few safety tips to keep in mind:
  • Check the airbags. Removing seats from the Ford Transit may affect the effectiveness of airbags—especially if there are passengers in the backseat. Passengers sitting in the back row should always have their seatbelts on when the vehicle is in motion. Check the
    Ford Transit owner’s manual
    to see if the airbags will be affected when seats are removed.
  • Put down a mat on the floor. Removing seats from the Ford Transit means the tracks and/or brackets would be exposed. Adding a tarp or rug to cover the floor can help prevent snags and injuries. It will also help protect these components from any cargo that gets loaded on top.
  • Store the bolts safely. The single seats in the Ford Transit are secured using bolts instead of a latch. Store any bolts and plastic together in a safe place so that you can reinstall the seats when needed.
After reviewing these safety tips, you can keep reading to learn how the seats in the Ford Transit can be removed. If you only temporarily need extra cargo room, you can fold down the back seats if you have a
Ford Transit Connect
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How to remove the second-row seats from a Ford Transit

The seats in the Ford Transit can be removed either by the quick-release lever or by unscrewing bolts. Follow these steps to open up the cargo space in your Ford Transit:

Quick-release lever seats

1. Find the quick-release clips. These should be at the back of the seats on the floor.
2a. Lift the quick-release clip. Pull the lever up and push it forward to unlock the back legs.
2b. Unscrew the bolt on top of the wheel well for fourth-row seats.
3. Slide the seats forward. This will unhook the front hooks from the bars in the floor.
4. Remove the seats. The seats will be very heavy since they will be a two or three-seater unit. Make sure to have someone to help you take the seats out so you don’t get injured.

Bolted seats (the single seats)

1. Find the bolts. Two bolts secure the single-seaters instead of the quick-release lever on the back of the seat. There will also be a bolt above the wheel well on the fourth-row seat.
2. Unscrew the bolts. You will need a T-55 Torx-bit socket to remove the bolts. Store them safely so you can reinstall the seats in the future. 
3. Slide the seats forward. This will unhook the front hooks from the bars in the floor.
4. Remove the seats. If you find the seats heavy, have another person help you so you don’t get injured.
Once you’ve removed all the seats, clean up and debris and cover the vehicle floor with a tarp or rug. Do not forcefully remove a seat if it gets stuck as you could damage them. Refer to your owner’s manual to the owners manual if you are unsure of the next steps. 
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How do you put the back seats down in a Ford Transit?

Unfortunately, only the back seats of a Ford Transit Connect can be folded down for a temporary expansion of your cargo space.
Here’s what you need to do:

Folding down the back seats

  • Lower the headrest all the way down
  • Pull the black tab in the middle of the seat to pull the seat up and fold it over
  • Pull the red tab on the side of the seat to fold down the back of the seat
  • Open the tray attached to the back of the seat to create a flat surface
For detailed instructions with pictures, check out the Ford Transit’s owner manual. 
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Yes! The Ford Transit’s rear seats are designed to be removed with a quick-release latch. However, the single seats are bolted down and require more work to take out.
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