Ford Mustang Trunk Space

The Ford Mustang offers 13.5 cubic feet of trunk space.
Written by Max Werner
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Ford Mustang
is an American sports car icon packing 13.4 cubic feet of cargo space—highly competitive for performance vehicles. Rated 8.5/10 by Car and Driver, a base model Mustang will go for $33,000. 
When buying a sports car, cargo space probably isn’t at the top of your list. Still, if you’re just looking for a daily drive with some extra oomph, ample room is a must. Mustangs are the best of both worlds—offering high performance and remarkable trunk space for their class.
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How is trunk space measured?

A total of 13.4 cubic feet may seem like a simple value, but there's much more to it. Here’s a breakdown of how auto manufacturers arrived at this measurement.
As a two-door vehicle, the Ford Mustang doesn’t have much room to add in cargo. Most models will let the driver drop the back seats down to create more space. However, manufacturer values rely solely on the trunk space of a Ford Mustang for cargo estimates.
 To reach an accurate value, manufacturers measure the following aspects of the Mustang’s trunk:
  • Height
  • Width
  • Length
On top of this, the manufacturer will account for the curves and contours of the trunk. The final number accurately reflects the slope created by the Mustang's trunk door. You can expect at least 13.4 cubic feet regardless of the passenger number.
Key Takeaway Trunk space is relatively simple on a two-door vehicle, but there’s still a lot that goes into creating an accurate estimate. 

Ford Mustang trunk space 

Number of seats: 4 (2 in the GT500)
Total trunk space: 13.5 cubic feet
Trunk space for convertible: 11.4 cubic feet
Most Mustangs will seat 4 passengers—the exception being the GT500, whose available seating is limited at 2. Regardless of passengers present, you’ll have just under 14 cubic feet of trunk space.
The 13.5 feet is easily enough room for a couple of golf bags or suitcases. Lots of depth and a far-reaching trunk door make loading and unloading an absolute breeze.
If you spring for the convertible model, you’ll lose a bit of space—the available room in the trunk comes in at 11.5 cubic feet. This value is average for top-down vehicles.

How does the Ford Mustang's trunk space compare to other sports cars? 

The Ford Mustang’s trunk space is above average for the sports class. 13.4 cubic feet easily beats similar vehicles such as the
Toyota GR 86
Subaru BRZ
but pales compared to the surprisingly spacious
2022 Dodge Challenger
The Ford Mustang is slightly more affordable than the Dodge Challenger. If trunk space is high on your list of needs, it’s worth considering both options. 
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How to check trunk space

Manufacturers won’t always provide the best measurements of trunk space. If you're a skeptic at heart, here are some tips for measuring your vehicle.
A tape measure can help you accurately read your trunk’s width, depth, and length. Multiply these values to create an accurate measurement. A tape measure can help you estimate cargo space with rear seats down too—a value often ignored by sports car manufacturers.
For a more practical option, try to measure the trunk using real objects. Fill the trunk with pre-measured items you’d see yourself using often—luggage containers, sports equipment, grocery bags—and use your judgment to make the right decision.

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