Ford F-150 Wheelbase

A vehicle’s wheelbase affects its handling on the road, and the Ford F-150 has a commendable length of up to 163 inches.
Written by Brad Marley
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Your car’s wheelbase significantly influences its handling. If you are in the market for a
Ford F-150
, you’ll want to take wheelbase measurements into account. The 2022 Ford F-150 wheelbase ranges from 122.8 to 164.1 inches, depending on the cab style.
It’s hard to discern which features make the biggest difference in our daily driving experiences because there are so many to consider. Price tag, horsepower, technology—all of these details are top-of-mind when you decide to purchase a vehicle. But wheelbase is something you should consider, as well.
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, has compiled what you should know about the Ford F-150’s wheelbase, how to measure it, why it matters, and how different models stack up. 
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What is the wheelbase of a Ford F-150?

The Ford F-150’s wheelbase ranges from 122 inches to 163 inches. The F-150 can be outfitted in many different ways, but Car and Driver gives the base model a 9/10 rating. Equipped with the standard 290-horsepower, 3.3-liter V6, the F-150 is a workhorse that will fit any need.
The F-150’s proper handling can be attributed to its wheelbase, so what exactly does it mean for your vehicle? Let’s break it down.
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Why is wheelbase important?

What does wheelbase even mean? Well, it’s the distance between the front axle and the back axle. Vehicles with longer wheelbases tend to have better ride quality since they remain more stable when going over bumps and turning.
As such, the longer a wheelbase, the less likely it is to pitch and roll too, which is important when it comes to safety on the road. 
Furthermore, a longer ride means your vehicle has more room for passengers and cargo. With more distance between the front and back axle, the cabin of the vehicle can be larger. 
However, a shorter wheelbase gives you the ability to handle sharp turns at high speeds, which is key if you want something speedier. (We’ll talk more about this later.)
Key Takeaway Beyond comfort and handling, the wheelbase determines how safely your vehicle can maneuver in different road conditions.
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How has the wheelbase changed over the Ford F-150 model years?

Like almost every other vehicle in existence, the Ford F-150 has changed with time—especially when we’re talking about wheelbase.
Here’s how the wheelbase for each Ford F-150 generation has evolved, as it pertains to base models:
  • First generation (1948 to 1952): 114 inches
  • Second generation (1953 to 1956): 110 inches
  • Third generation (1957 to 1960): 110 inches
  • Fourth generation (1961 to 1966): 114 inches
  • Fifth generation (1967 to 1972): 115 inches  
  • Sixth generation (1973 to 1979): 117 inches
  • Seventh generation (1980 to 1986): 133 inches
  • Eighth generation (1987 to 1991): 116 inches
  • Ninth generation (1992 to 1996): 133 inches
  • Tenth generation (1997 to 2003): 119 inches
  • Eleventh generation (2004 to 2008): 126 inches
  • Twelfth generation (2009 to 2014): 126 inches
  • Thirteenth generation (2015 to 2020): 122 inches
  • Fourteenth generation (2021 to present): 122 inches
The Ford F-150 wheelbase has changed over the years, but it has remained the most popular truck in Ford’s lineup since its introduction way back in 1948. And we expect it to remain atop the list of trucks on the market.

How does the Ford F-150 wheelbase compare to other models?

The numbers we listed above are for the base model of the Ford F-150, but there are many different options available on F-150s. The F-150 also comes in an XL model, as well as the Super Duty
, which both offer longer wheelbases. 
We’ve broken down those numbers below.
Cab size
Ford F-150 XL
Regular Cab
122.8–141.5 inches
Ford F-150 XL
145.4–164.1 inches
Ford F-150 XL
145.4–157.2 inches
Ford Super Duty F-250 XL
Regular Cab
141.6 inches
Ford Super Duty F-250 XL
148–164.2 inches
Ford Super Duty F-250 XL
Crew Cab
159.8–176.0 inches
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Long wheelbase vs. short wheelbase: which is better?

A vehicle with a long wheelbase is more akin to a clown car where clown after clown emerges from the roomy inside, even when you think it can’t possibly fit more clowns. A short wheelbase can zip around corners, but it holds fewer people. 
Even though some clowns are terrifying, sometimes you want to fit more people and cargo. If that’s you, go for the longer wheelbase.
Additionally, longer wheelbases are safer. They are less likely to lose control because weight is distributed more evenly, thus they get higher safety ratings. But ultimately, what you plan to use your vehicle for will determine what wheelbase is best for you. 

How to save money on car insurance for your Ford F-150

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