Is Driving Barefoot Illegal in Kansas?

It’s legal to drive barefoot in Kansas, despite myths that persist about laws banning barefoot driving.
Written by Sara Brody
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Barefoot driving in Kansas is fully legal, and in fact, the Kansas Department of Transportation has even deemed it safer than driving in sandals, flip-flops, or high heels. However, driving barefoot can still pose some safety risks compared to driving with proper footwear.
If you’re the type who likes to take off your shoes while driving, you may have had a concerned friend or family member question the safety or legality of your choice. So, is it okay to drive barefoot or not?
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is here to reassure you: Driving barefoot is legal not just in Kansas but in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. However, many states still advise drivers to wear shoes when behind the wheel, and you may be penalized if you cause an accident while barefoot. 
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Is it illegal to drive barefoot in Kansas?

No! Driving barefoot is completely legal in Kansas, just like every other U.S. state. In fact, it’s always been legal. 
Yet an urban myth persists that laws exist to prohibit barefoot driving, even after Jason Heimbaugh set the record straight in 1994. Out of curiosity, he wrote to a DMV in every state and Washington D.C. to ask if it was legal to drive barefoot in each jurisdiction. Every response was a resounding yes!
And there you have it: yes, it’s legal to drive barefoot in the state of Kansas. But don’t kick off your shoes just yet! Kansas’s law does allow law enforcement and courts to apply additional fines for some barefoot drivers involved in accidents. If your lack of shoes is found to have contributed to a collision, you could face reckless driving charges. 
So, there’s your answer: it’s perfectly legal to drive barefoot in the state of Kansas. However, if you are involved in an accident while barefoot, you could be found negligent if your bare feet are seen as a cause of
distracted driving
(although such a claim could be challenged in court). 

Is it safe to drive barefoot?

Even though driving barefoot is legal in every U.S. state, the majority of states still advise drivers to wear proper footwear. That’s because there are a few safety risks related to barefoot driving. Most significantly, barefoot driving can decrease a driver’s control over the vehicle because: 
  • Driving barefoot reduces your braking force
  • With bare feet, you’ll have less traction than you would with shoes
  • Some drivers may be distracted by the sensation of driving with bare feet
  • The chances of serious injury to your feet are much higher in an accident if they are unprotected
Despite all that, the Kansas Department of Transportation noted that barefoot driving is still generally safer than driving in flip-flops or high heels. As a rule of thumb, it’s advisable to wear closed-toe shoes with good traction to maximize your safety behind the wheel.
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