Dodge Durango Wheelbase

The Dodge Durango has a wheelbase of 119.8 inches, making it a comfortable ride for five people with plenty of cargo room.
Written by Jasmine Kanter
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Updated on Jun 14, 2022
A car’s wheelbase (the distance between its front and rear axles) affects its storage, handling, and comfort. With a wheelbase of 119.8 inches, the
Dodge Durango
promises a smooth and roomy ride.
If you were to build your perfect car, you’d probably start with the powertrain, transmission, steering, seating, and then style. But have you thought about the wheelbase? Believe it or not, this often-overlooked factor defines the character of all your favorite cars.
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What is the wheelbase of a Dodge Durango?

Car and Driver
described the Durango as an SUV with muscle car influences, rating it a 7/10 and criticizing its cramped third row. Had the wheelbase of 119.8 inches been slightly longer, this might not have been the case.
For comparison, although the
Dodge Challenger SXT
rides lower to the ground (with 5.2 inches of
ground clearance
versus the Durango’s 8.1 inches), it has a similar wheelbase of 116.2 inches. Amazingly, a couple of inches of length (and height) are all it takes to change an SUV into a sports car!

Why is wheelbase important?

A vehicle’s wheelbase is the distance between its front axle and its rear axle. Picture running a tape measure down the side of your car from the center of the front wheel to the center of the rear wheel. Obviously, the wheelbase doesn’t represent the entire length of a car, but it does make up the majority.
A long wheelbase means more room for passengers, more room for storage, and more room for your legs. Because the weight of the car is distributed over a larger area, the cab is less susceptible to pitching and rolling. Combined with high
ground clearance
, a long wheelbase makes for easy cruising: take the Durango over a bump in the road, and you’ll feel like you’re cresting a wave rather than receiving a couple of kicks in the rear. 
On the other hand, a short wheelbase allows for a tight turning circle, which translates to better maneuverability. A short car will have much more luck hugging the curves on a mountain road than a long car, especially at high speeds. For zippy town and racetrack driving, it’s best to keep it short and sweet!
Key Takeaway A vehicle’s wheelbase makes up the majority of its length and affects its seating, storage space, and comfort.

Dodge Durango wheelbases over the years

Nearly every part of a car can change from generation to generation and the wheelbase is no exception. Here’s a growth chart of the Dodge Durango over the years:
  • First generation (1998-2003): 115.9 inches
  • Second generation (2004-2009): 119.2 inches
  • Third generation (2011-present): 119.8 inches
Notice the growth spurt between 2003 and 2004, when Dodge stopped building the Durango on a pickup truck’s frame. The lost year of production in 2010 completed the change: the Durango stepped onto a light car platform and, in doing so, became a crossover.
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How does the Dodge Durango wheelbase compare to other models?

Since it switched to a car platform, there’s little difference between the wheelbase of the Durango and its siblings. Ram trucks are a different story: built heavy, built to haul, and built to carry tons of cargo, the difference between the two categories can be as much as 28.3 inches
Here’s a look at the Dodge catalog, from shortest to longest:
Ground clearance
5.2 inches
116.2 inches
5.2 inches
120.0 inches
7.4 inches
140.0 inches
7.3 inches
140.5 inches
8.3 inches
144.5 inches

Long wheelbase vs. short wheelbase: which is better?

A long wheelbase is no better than a short wheelbase, any more than a muscle car is better than a pickup truck: it’s apples to oranges. The deciding factor is whether you feel like baking a pie or making a mimosa. 
If you savor twisty roads, hate cumbersome turns, or rarely have passengers, a car with a short wheelbase will suit you. Think Charger or Challenger. Drivers looking for more storage space (and passenger seats), should upgrade to the Durango to make a leisurely cruise out of everyday errands. 
On the other hand, if nothing but the best in power and stability will do, set your eyes on a Ram. Its extra-long wheelbase supports a spacious truck bed and heavy-duty suspension.

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