The 8 Best Denver Radio Stations

Whether you’re on the lookout for easy listening or riveting talk shows, here are eight of the best radio stations in the Denver area.
Written by Joshua Levy
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Whether you’re looking for some smooth tracks to warm up in the morning or hard-hitting news to stay informed on world events, here are the best Denver radio stations to listen to on the road.
Driving and good tunes go together like peanut butter and jelly. Hitting the road with the right kind of mood-setting music is one of the simple luxuries in life. But finding the right stations can be hard. Poor banter, loud static, and repetitive tracks can turn a golden moment of peace into a frustration-filled nightmare. 
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The best news and talk radio stations in Denver

One of the best ways to spend your time on the road is catching up on the latest news. And radio is a great tool for staying on top of current events in your town, the nation, and the world. That said, here are some of the best news and talk radio stations in Denver.

630 KHOW: Talk Radio

Call sign: KHOW
Frequency: 630 AM
630 KHOW
hosts a range of talk shows covering a wide array of topics from local to world news. As a local station, it mainly caters to life in Denver—drawing on guests and topics that are more relevant to residents. Tune in to learn more about what’s going on in your community!

90.1 KCFR: CPR News

Call sign: KCFR
Frequency: 90.1 FM
If you’re a politically minded individual looking to learn more about big-picture issues,
CPR News
may be for you. A state-owned network, Colorado Public Radio broadcasts political stories like NPR’s Morning Edition and All Things Considered throughout Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah. While they won’t cover local stories, you’ll hear comprehensive overviews of major world and national news.

Sports Radio 104.3: The Fan

Call sign: KKFN
Frequency: 104.3 FM
For anyone in the market for a daily dose of sports news, look no further than KKFN. Sports Radio 104.3: The Fan provides the greater Denver area with local and national sports coverage. Whenever you tune in, you’ll be sure to hear unique takes on all the major Denver sports teams—from the Broncos to the Rockies.

1390 KGNU

Call sign: KGNU
Frequency: 1390 AM 
Staying informed about the world can be tedious. You might not even know where to start! But that’s what makes
’s eclectic mix of music, news, pop culture, and talk radio so worthwhile. Tuning in to 1390 AM can give you everything from food for thought and cultural insight with their A Public Affair local news talk show to easy listening for the morning commute.
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The best music radio stations in Denver

Denver has always nurtured musicians in their exploration of new sounds, fostering bands like The Lumineers and The Fray. So it’s no surprise that Denver also has a big list of music radio to choose from. Here are some of the best Denver music stations to consider the next time you hit the road.

Channel 93.3

Call sign: KTCL 
Frequency: 93.3 FM 
All day every day,
works hard to build a dynamic alternative playlist for their listeners. While that may seem a little dull to some people, KTCL covers everything from classic alternative like the Red Hot Chili Peppers and indie rock like The Black Keys to up-and-comers like U2 frontman Bono’s son’s band Inhaler. 

97.3 KBCO 

Call sign: KBCO
Frequency: 97.3 FM
has spent years providing Denverites with their daily dose of classic rock. Ranging from easy listening like The Beatles to harder bands like Led Zeppelin, KCBO covers all kinds of classic rock for your listening pleasure. With intermittent conversations and fun facts on the bands we all know and love, 97.3 KBCO is always a great choice.
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HITS 95.7

Call sign:  KPTT
Frequency: 95.7 FM 
Alright, so you’re in a bit of a music slump and want to hear what’s new in the music world. Tune into
HITS 95.7
for the biggest up-and-comers in the music industry. Instead of sticking to a single genre, KPTT works hard to provide listeners with the best and newest artists around. If you’re looking to discover what’s new, KPTT is the ideal station for you.

106.7: The Bull

Call sign:  KWBL
Frequency: 106.7 FM
Country is more than just trucks and beer, and
106.7: The Bull
is here to prove it. Featuring music from top-performing country artists, KWBL gives listeners a taste of what country music looks like today. While they may slip in a few classics here and there, 106.7 spends most of its on-air time introducing listeners to new songs from the soon-to-be biggest names in country.
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Denver does have an R&B station—and it’s pretty good! Just tune into 104.7 FM: The Drop for a mix of classic and modern R&B tracks. If you want to find out exactly what tracks you can expect, go to
104.7 FM: The Drop’s website
for a full schedule.
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