Can You Turn Right on Red in New Mexico?

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Right turns on red are legal in New Mexico, as long as you come to a full stop and obey all right-of-way regulations regarding pedestrians and oncoming traffic. In some parts of New Mexico, automated traffic cameras are employed to catch red-light violations. 
We all know that red means stop, but in most U.S. states, it’s okay to make a right turn on a red light—as long as you do it safely and correctly. 
Right turns on red aren’t legal at every intersection, and the laws vary by state. It’s important to know the details in your state so that you can stay safe and avoid a costly ticket. 
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Can you turn right on red in New Mexico?

Yes. Unless there is a posted sign that specifically prohibits it, you may turn right on red in New Mexico. 
According to New Mexico statues, right turns at red lights are okay provided that:
  • You come to a full stop before entering the intersection
  • You yield the right of way to pedestrians and traffic
  • There are no signs posted by local authorities that prohibit the turn
In short, as long as you come to a full and complete stop, check for (and yield to) oncoming traffic and pedestrians, and obey all posted signs, you should be good!
In the case of a flashing red light in New Mexico, the same rules that regulate stop signs apply. Come to a full stop, yield the right of way when appropriate, and proceed with caution. 

What about left turns on red?

New Mexico is one of many states that permits a left turn on a red light only if it is from a one-way street and onto another one-way street. Just like a right on a red light, make sure you come to a full stop first and yield to pedestrians and oncoming traffic. 
Key Takeaway You can make a right turn on red in New Mexico as long as there’s no posted sign that prohibits it, but make sure to yield to pedestrians and all other drivers. 

Penalties for an illegal right turn on red in New Mexico

Just because it’s permitted some of the time doesn’t mean it’s okay all of the time. It’s possible to get a ticket for making a right on red at an intersection where it’s prohibited. 
The fine for failure to stop when legally required to is just $25 in New Mexico, but there are often additional assessments and fees that can make that number significantly higher at the end of the day. Additionally, you will have three points added to your
New Mexico driving record
for a red light or stop sign violation. 
Expect the penalty to be even more severe if:
  • You failed to yield the right of way to pedestrians or oncoming traffic
  • You were speeding at the time 
  • Anyone was injured or killed as a result of your turn
In New Mexico, accumulating 7 to 11 points in a 12-month period can mean a possible suspension of your driver’s license. Accumulating 12 or more points in a 12-month period will result in a 12-month suspension
In addition to fines, points, and possible license suspension, getting a ticket for an illegal turn will definitely result in an
increase in your insurance premiums
. If in doubt, just wait for the green light. 

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Updated on Jan 26, 2023
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