Can You Turn Right on Red in Maine?

It’s legal to turn right on red in Maine unless there is official signage indicating the turn is prohibited.
Written by Shannon Fitzgerald
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
In Maine, it’s legal to make a right turn on red unless there is official signage indicating the turn is prohibited. However, you must yield the right-of-way to crosswalk pedestrians and other traffic in the intersection. 
While all drivers know that a red light means stop, they’re also aware that in most cases, turning right at these points is permitted, too. 
But not every intersection is designed equally—there are times when a right turn on red is not legal. Turning right on a red when it is not legal can result in a red light violation and fine. 
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Can you turn right on red in Maine?

In most cases, yes
But a municipality—or the Department of Transportation—can prohibit a right turn on red depending on factors like: 
  • Proximity to schools, fire stations, residences, or institutions for the blind
  • How many pedestrians are typically using the crosswalks 
  • How complex the intersection is 
If this is the case, there will be a sign or post indicating that a right turn on red is not permitted. 
section 2057
of Maine’s traffic law statutes indicates that a driver may turn right at a steady, circular red light as long as: 
  • The driver has already stopped completely and signaled their intent to turn right 
  • There is no sign prohibiting a right turn on red 
  • The driver yields the
    to pedestrians and other drivers who have a green signal 
In the event that there is a red, steady right arrow, the driver is not permitted to make a right turn in Maine. If the arrow is red and flashing, however, the driver may proceed with their right turn as if the arrow is a stop sign. 
When there is a red and yellow light illuminated simultaneously, the driver may not make a right turn into the intersection either. In this situation, the intersection is reserved exclusively for pedestrians to cross. 

What about left turns on red?

Though some states allow drivers to turn left on red onto a one-way street, this is not the case in Maine. If there is a red light in Maine, it’s illegal to make a left turn—even if that is the only turn you can make. 
Key Takeaway As long as there is no official signage saying otherwise, it’s legal to turn right on red in Maine. It is not legal to turn left on red in any situation, however. 
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Penalties for an illegal right turn on red in Maine

While it’s legal to turn right on red most of the time in Maine, if you try to do so when there is a sign prohibiting it, you can get ticketed and fined
The base penalty for a red light violation—as well as a stop sign violation—is a $146 fine and four demerit points. Both the fine and the points will increase, however, if you were breaking other laws during your illegal right turn, such as: 
  • Speeding 
  • Failing to yield to pedestrians and other vehicles 
  • Injuring someone while making your illegal turn 
These additional violations and fines can tack on as much as $500 to your $146 violation, and can even lead to license suspension in some cases. Remember, in Maine if you receive 12 points on your license within a year you automatically get at least a 15-day suspension
So if you’re ever unsure whether a right turn on red is legal or prohibited, your safest bet is to just wait until the light is green again. Though fellow right-turners may get impatient, tickets and points on your record increase your insurance premiums significantly—a little extra caution is well worth it. 
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