Can You Flat Tow a Kia Soul?

Can you flat tow a Kia Soul? According to the owner’s manual, no, unless it’s an absolute emergency.
Written by Amber Reed
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
If you’re hoping to flat tow your
Kia Soul
on your next adventure, you’re unfortunately out of luck. Flat towing is against Kia’s recommendations, although the manual does state that it may be done briefly in emergencies. 
Flat towing (also called dinghy towing) a vehicle is a popular option with motor home owners, as it provides the flexibility of bringing a smaller car on a trip in addition to your RV. However, the current Kia Soul owner’s manual specifically states that the Soul is not designed for dinghy towing. 
Here to answer all your questions about flat towing a Kia Soul is
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and master comparison shopper. Come along as we take a look at exactly what Kia says about flat towing a Soul. 
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Can you flat tow a Kia Soul?

The simple answer: no, you can’t. The longer answer: you can, but only in an emergency and only with some very specific guidelines. 
The 2022 owner’s manual states very plainly that the Soul is not designed to be dinghy towed behind a motor home, and that doing so can cause serious vehicle damage. Although there are several sources that claim the Soul can be flat towed with the proper accessories, it goes against Kia’s recommendations, and doing so would void your warranty
Kia does allow that the Soul can be towed via a towing cable in an extreme emergency when there are no other options, but then it should only be done for a short period of time on a paved, level surface. In this scenario, there also needs to be a driver behind the wheel of the Soul for braking and steering purposes.
Read your
owner’s manual
for more details, but this option should only be done when there are no tow trucks available and the car absolutely must be moved right away. 

The bottom line

Long story short? When it comes to flat towing your Kia Soul, it’s just not a possibility. It can damage your car, void your warranty, and potentially be quite dangerous. 
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