Can You Buy a Cadillac With a Manual Transmission?

Cadillac recently reentered the stick shift scene with manual options for its ultra-performance sports sedans—the 2022 CT4-V and CT5-V Blackwings.
Written by Pat Roache
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
After the discontinuation of the ATS in 2019, it appeared that Cadillac was stepping down from the playing field for manual transmission. However, in 2022, Cadillac brought the manual option back for the CT4-V and CT5-V Blackwings.
Recent years have seen a sharp decline in the accessibility of manual gearboxes. In 2019, almost 99% of new cars sold in the United States had automatic transmissions. However, Cadillac believes that younger and higher-income drivers long for a third pedal. 
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Does Cadillac still make a manual? 

Cadillac ended a four-year hiatus from the manual market by announcing their 2022 CT4-V and CT5-V Blackwings would be available with manual transmissions. The vehicles deliver on this promise with help from the first functional 3D-printed automotive parts in GM’s history.
Cadillac manufacturers are pretty confident about rereleasing a manual transmission into an automatic-dominant market. A
study conducted through Harris
poll reported that 66% of Americans know how to drive stick. And out of the people who don’t know how, 40% want to learn.
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CT4 V Blackwing

Starting price: $58,995
Caddy’s Harris Poll found a high interest in stick shift among drivers between the ages of 18 and 34, so it's no surprise that the CT4 V Blackwing was designed with younger generations in mind. Get ready for a striking exterior with an enhanced chassis, refined handling, and a 472-hp twin-turbo V6 engine that goes zero-to-60 in a mere 4.0 seconds.
The six-speed manual transmission is paired with rear-wheel driving for a powerful, integrated feel, and it makes the CT4 V the only sedan in its segment with a manual option. It’s also the smallest sedan in Cadillac’s lineup. These high-performance daily drivers are only available in a limited quantity for 2022, so if you want to snag one, head to your local Caddy dealership soon.

CT5-V Blackwing

Starting price: $84,940
Similar to the CT4-V in style and performance, the CT5-V gives drivers a little more size and a supercharged 6.2L V8 engine with a mind-blowing 668-hp. Manual transmission is also paired with rear-wheel drive here, but an extra burst of acceleration gets you zero-to-60 in 3.6 seconds.


Fair purchase price: $13,855 to $58,392
If the Blackwings are outside your budget, throw it back with a used or certified pre-owned
Cadillac ATS
. Available as a
sedan or a coupe
, this Caddy legacy shows that high-performance and daily driving have long been a combined focus for the auto manufacturer. 
You can find manual transmission on the ATS Coupe and either make of the ATS V. Like the V-series, you’ll be looking at rear-wheel-drive options only. The base-level ATS hits 272-hp, and the more recent ATS V could rival the CT4-V with 464-hp—but at that point, you may as well just spend a couple extra hundred dollars on the newer model.
The ATS is an excellent option for drivers who want the high-performance power of a sports sedan with less luxury and more casual drivability. You can reasonably find older models of the manual for just under $40,000. Of course, you’ll find the lowest prices for older base-level models, but even more recent ATS Coupes can be found for under $30,000
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Benefits and drawbacks of a manual transmission

Car enthusiasts have argued for years over which transmission is better, and they won’t stop anytime soon. If you’re new to the manual car scene, here are a few benefits of stick shift that you may not have known: 
  • Pro: The cars are typically cheaper
  • Pro: Manual transmission poses a natural deterrent against thieves who don’t know how to drive it
  • Pro: Repair costs are generally cheaper than those on an automatic car
  • Pro: They’re super fun once you know what you’re doing!
As you consider the advantages of a manual transmission, you should also take note of some of these common drawbacks:
  • Con: Manual transmission can get tiresome in slow traffic
  • Con: Learning how to drive manual takes time and practice, which could be made harder by the lack of availability and experienced teachers
  • Con: Although they used to get better fuel economy, automatic transmission has taken the lead on MPG in recent years
Unfortunately, simply finding a manual car is probably the greatest setback you’ll run into. The 2021 US market saw manual transmission for only 27 new cars, although Cadillac is taking strides to change that. 
Key Takeaway If you can find and learn to drive a car with a manual transmission, you can expect cheaper upfront costs and repairs—and a little extra fun along the ride.
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It’s hard to say which is objectively better, so if you have the chance get behind the wheel of both and decide for yourself! Manuals tend to come at a lower price with simpler repairs, and you may enjoy the integrated feel of driving one, but automatics have manuals beat when it comes to fuel economy.
Manual transmissions have simpler mechanics than automatic transmissions—which means less opportunity to break down. Any repairs you do run into on a manual Caddilac tend to be simpler and less expensive than their automatic alternative.
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