Five Coolest Buick Concept Cars

From a high-performance PHEV to a hyper-futuristic all-electric SUV, Buick’s concept cars offer a unique look into the future of automotive engineering.
Written by Cameron Thiessen
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Updated on Mar 23, 2023
is considered to have produced the first concept car ever made when it debuted the Y-Job Concept roadster in 1938. The manufacturer’s concept cars throughout the years since—such as the Velite convertible sports car of 2004 and the 2016 all-electric crossover of the same name—offer Buick-tinted glimpses into the future of driving.
Concept cars allow companies to apply unbridled creativity, push technology to its limit, and test new ideas that could propel the industry forward. Join us
as we count down all of the coolest Buick concept cars the 21st century has to offer.
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2018 Buick Enspire concept

The Enspire concept debuted at Auto China in Beijing in 2018. The sleek design of the Enspire is a thing of beauty, and it represents a class of vehicles that is leading the industry—the all-electric SUV.
Featuring Buick’s “eMotion” battery-powered drivetrain with two high-performance electric motors, the Enspire can go from 0-100 kph in just four seconds and can drive up to 370 miles on a single charge. Unfortunately, fast forward to 2022, and you’ll notice the comparable
Buick Envision
still comes with a turbocharged 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine without even a hybrid option.

2016 Buick Velite concept

If you thought the Enspire was cool, we’re willing to bet you’ll find the 2016 Velite concept just as fascinating. Rather than running with an all-electric design, the 2016 Velite is based on a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) power train.
The true beauty of the Velite is found in its exterior design, which combines style and futurism to achieve a truly forward-thinking look for a crossover. Despite not being a zero-emission vehicle, the 2016 Buick Velite is a viable concept for high-efficiency gas-powered vehicles of the future.

2004 Buick Velite concept

The 2004 Velite, on the other hand, originated with an entirely different design than its 2016 descendent. Fun is the name of the game for this gas-powered convertible coupe with its twin-turbocharged 3.6-liter V6 delivering up to 400 horsepower—an engine that would later develop into GM’s LF3 and LF4.
The top-down styling would allow the driver to feel the speed of a sports car like they’d never felt before. While the 2004 Velite concept never saw production, it inspired plenty of Buick models such as the
, and

2016 Buick Avista concept

Despite the second installment of the Velite being released the same year, the 2016 Avista shares much more in common with the original 2004 convertible concept. It’s powered by yet another twin-turbocharged V6 engine sending 400 horses-worth to the car’s rear wheels—this time paired with some newer fuel-saving technologies.
While Buick hasn’t done much in the way of producing a 2 + 2 sports coupe like the Avista or 2004 Velite, we can see how they influenced other aspects of rear-drive sports cars like the 2017

2015 Buick Avenir Concept

The Avenir was meant to be a major shaper in the future of Buick’s vehicle design and is yet another one of the manufacturer’s concepts that helped inspire the widely available LaCrosse. With a futuristic interior and unbelievably smooth nine-speed automatic transmission, the Avenir made a strong claim to Buick’s share of the luxury sports car market.
The classic sedan boasts a sleek design and seems to ignore the style’s waning popularity in the face of newer SUV and crossover models. While gas-powered vehicles will also likely see a decline in the next decade, the Avenir’s push for reaching new heights in speed and performance will never really be over.
The 2015 Avenir could practically be considered a crossover anyway—considering its size. However, designers didn’t seem to mind its sedan status too much, considering it was awarded the 2015 EyesOn Design award at the North American International Auto Show
Although it has yet to be widely produced, the “Avenir” name lives on as the top trim designation on both the Buick Envision and Enclave.

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