The Best Colors to Ever Grace a BMW

From Zanzibar II to Laguna Seca Blue, here are the best colors to ever grace a BMW.
Written by Jason Tushinski
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
If you’re picking the best colors to ever grace a BMW, you can look to the rainbow for a glimpse of BMWs at their aesthetic best. From Techno Violet and Dakar Yellow to Laguna Seca Blue and Zanzibar II, here are the best BMW colors.
You can customize your own BMW with a bespoke hue through BMW Individual. But whichever color you splash your Bimmer with to turn heads in Munich (North Dakota, that is!) or elsewhere, protect that day-glo or metallic-hued beast with a robust
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Shades of gray… and black and white

Without shades, you’ve got no color. So, behold the beauty of BMWs in Carbon Black, Alpine White, and Lime Rock Gray.

Carbon Black

Introduced: early 2000s
Available on: BMW M division, X3 or higher, 7-series, 8-series
The BMW’s Batmobile color, Carbon Black is only one of the most popular and eye-catching colors to grace a Bayerniscke Motoren Werke in the past two decades.
Carbon Black’s high-tech carbon fiber and metallic hue gives off a bluish tint when in brilliant light. You’ll need to purchase a model from the M division (Sport), a Sport Utility
or higher, or a 7- or 8-Series to get this perfect, fearsome shade of black.
Carbon Black debuted on
BMW's M5
E39 in the early 2000s and remains a popular color (or shade, if you will) today.

Alpine White 

Introduced: 1979
Available on: everything from the 1-series to 8-series
If black (or Batman) isn't your thing and you prefer your car clean and crisp, you’ll love a BMW in Alpine White.
This shade was introduced in 1979 and remains wildly popular. Alpine white is a zero or low-cost color option that is widely available. And of course, it looks beautiful.

Lime Rock Grey 

Introduced: 2021
Available on: F80/82 BMW M5 4CS, X-Series
Can’t decide between a Black or White Bimmer? You must be one of those shades of gray types—so naturally, you should go with a Lime Rock Grey BMW.
This exclusive new color debuted in 2021 on the F80/82 BMW M54 CS, and it has also been spotted on an X5 SUV.
This is a handsome, lighter grey with hints of blue and tan. It’s named for the Lime Rock Racetrack in

Feeling cool… blue tones, that is

If you’re feeling blue but you’re driving a BMW, well… you probably aren’t sad. Why would you ever be in a foul mood if you’re driving the ultimate driving machine in one of these sublime cyan tones?

San Marino Blue

Introduced: early 2010s
Available on: F80/82 M3, M4 CS
You have 24 shades of blue to choose from if you’re customizing your
, so why not go with the gorgeous (and unique) San Marino. It’s a royal-esque blue that will have you dreaming of luxuriating on a sun-blasted yacht in the Mediterranean?
San Marino Blue first appeared on the M Coupe in the early 2010s. It was one of only five colors available on the F80/82 generation M3 and M4 CS.
While the color isn’t so easy to find, it is available as an individual color selection. A San Marino Blue BMW could be a collector’s item down the road (so keep it spotless, Hans).

Laguna Seca Blue

Introduced: early 2000s
Available on: M3
If lighter, more tropical shores are your thing, you might want to get your BMW M done up in Laguna Seca Blue, a stunning lighter blue with hints of aqua—if you can find one, that is.
Laguna Seca Blue was available only on one model for a limited time—the M3 E46. This is another color that could be a collector’s item down the road!

Mint Green

Introduced: 2021
Available on: M4
If you desperately want your BMW paint job to mimic your late Great-Uncle Sid’s mint green pants, well—we’re pretty sure Uncle Sid never looked this good.
BMW’s Mint Green looks as if the German carmaker mixed its British Racing Green (another beauty) with some clotted cream white to come up with its eye-popping paint.
It debuted on the M4 coupe in late 2021 and featured 20-inch bronze wheels, carbon fiber elements, and black interior trim. It’s like driving a candy-colored roadster!
Mint Green is available as a custom individual color—Uncle Sid’s mint green pants not included.

Techno Violet

Introduced: early 1990s
Available on: M3
We’re pretty sure that if the Joker drove a BMW, Techno Violet would be his paint choice. This hue debuted in the early 1990s on both the 5-series and 8-series, though the E36 M3 was particularly popular in this shade of purple.
Bimmer experts estimate that only about a dozen of these Techno Violet E46 M3s exist in the U.S.
Techno Violet is also available as an individual custom color.
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Run hot in your BMW with a warm color tone

If you love warm tones, you’ll be roaring with delight at the sight of one of these warmer-hued BMW roadsters.

Imola Red I & II

Introduced: 2000
Available on: M3, M5
Talk about showing off your personality with your car color—Imola Red has been personifying its drivers’ fiery personalities with this vibrant and visceral red tone for more than two decades.
Imola Red initially debuted in 2000 on the
E46, a coupe that’s considered a collector’s item nowadays. The color was reintroduced in 2020 on the
Coupe and is available as an individual custom color.

Zanzibar II

Introduced: 2019
Available on: M8
If being provocative, head-turning, and dashing is your default, take in a BMW sporting Zanzibar II—a luscious shade of bronze, with hints of beige, yellow, and orange.
A shiny metallic coat, Zanzibar II is available as an individual color through BMW Individual. And in case you were wondering, there was never a Zanzibar I (fooled you!).

Dakar Yellow & Dakar Yellow II

Introduced: early 1990s
Available on: 1-series through 8-Series
If you’re one of those sunny side of the street-type people, have we got the jolly shade(s) of yellow for you—Dakar Yellow and Dakar Yellow II.
The original Dakar Yellow paint was a non-metallic finish that debuted on the
E36 with a more saturated yellow look. It's now a mainstay of the standard BMW color palette.
The second iteration of Dakar Yellow has a paler and lighter yellow hue and a shinier, metallic finish—available as a BMW Individual color.

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