Is Driving Barefoot Illegal in Montana?

While barefoot driving is legal in Montana, you could be charged if your barefoot driving leads to careless driving.
Written by Olivia Rose
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
, barefoot driving is perfectly legal. But Montana has laws in place regarding careless and reckless driving—and you could be charged if your barefoot driving leads you to cause an accident. 
If you’re a die-hard barefoot driver, you’ve probably gotten some flack from friends or family saying that barefoot driving is illegal. But, on the contrary, barefoot driving is legal in all 50 U.S. states!
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Is it illegal to drive barefoot in Montana?

Nope! Barefoot driving is legal in Montana. In fact, it’s legal across the entire U.S.
In 1994, a guy named Jason Heimbaugh was feeling curious about barefoot driving laws, so he wrote a letter to the DMV in every state and the District of Columbia. Over the course of the summer, he heard back from each and every one—yes, it’s legal to drive barefoot.
But Montana has certain laws and regulations in place against careless and reckless driving. So, if your barefoot driving leads to distracted—or reckless—driving, and you cause an accident, you could be charged. 

Is it safe to drive barefoot?

Even though it’s legal, barefoot driving is definitely not always the safest option. Your best option for safe driving is always well-fitting closed-toed shoes with good traction
Here are some of the risks involved with barefoot driving:
  • Reckless driving: your bare foot is at a higher risk for getting a small injury—like a cut or scrape—by something in the dash or pedal area. This could easily lead to reckless driving—which is illegal in Montana. 
  • Reduced braking force: without shoes, your feet have less force when pushing down, making it harder to operate the brake pedal. 
  • Less traction: bare feet have much less traction than a good pair of shoes—especially if your feet are wet. Less traction makes it harder to operate your brake and gas pedals. 
  • Foot injury: without shoes, you are at higher risk for severely injuring your foot if you get into a collision. 
Even though it’s slightly risky, barefoot driving can sometimes be safer than driving with shoes—specially if you are wearing flimsy shoes like flip flops or high heels. So consider your situation and the risks involved when you decide whether or not to drive barefoot. 
The bottom line: Barefoot driving, while a safe option at times, comes with its risks—namely reckless driving and foot injuries. 
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