Is Barefoot Driving Illegal in Michigan?

It’s legal to drive barefoot in Michigan. Keep reading to learn more.
Written by Sophie Boka
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
If you’ve been wondering whether or not it’s legal to drive barefoot in
, wonder no more! Despite what you might have heard, it’s completely legal to drive barefoot in Michigan. 
Driving barefoot is legal throughout the United States. However, there’s more to this story than meets the eye … er … foot? While it’s completely legal on a state level, some municipalities and local governments may have different regulations. And although legal, it still may not be the safest move. 

Is it illegal to drive barefoot in Michigan?

No! It’s not illegal to drive barefoot in Michigan. Former Michigan Sheriff Rich Martin
, “Whether you are barefoot, have no shoes, or are driving with flip-flops, there is no law on the books that prohibits this.”
So, you may be wondering: if it’s legal in Michigan AND legal everywhere else, then where did this myth come from!? It’s one of those rumors that seems to have spread everywhere, yet no one quite knows its origin. 
But in 1994, when Jason Heimbaugh caught wind of this rumor, the world finally learned the truth. Eager to bust this myth, Jason decided to write to the DMV in every state (and the District of Columbia!). And what did every single one of them write back in response? Yes, it is COMPLETELY legal to drive barefoot in the U. S. of A. 
Great! Problem solved, right? Yes. You’ve got your answer. However, you should know a few more things before you put that barefoot to the pedal.
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Is it safe to drive barefoot?

Well, it depends. Sometimes, it may be safer to drive barefoot than to drive with shoes on. 
If you’re going out and rocking a pair of stilettos, it may be safer to drive barefoot. Heeled shoes won’t give you a solid grip on the pedal, which can impact your ability to drive. 
Similarly, a loose pair of flip-flops may slide off your foot and interfere with your pedal, which could cause some trouble when driving.
In these cases, driving barefoot may be your safer option. However, that doesn’t mean that driving barefoot is safe. When you drive barefoot, you:
  • Reduce the amount of force you can put on the brake.
  • Have less traction than when you wear shoes–especially when your feet are wet.
  • Put your feet at a higher risk for injury. If you’re in an accident, they won’t be protected.
  • May feel uncomfortable which can then lead to
    distracted driving
Key Takeaway If you want to play it safe, it's best to throw on a pair of solid, closed-toe shoes. But if your feet need to breathe, you can strip them down freely without worrying about getting a ticket.
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