Alaska Red Light Cameras

Although Alaska does not use red light cameras, a ticket for running a red light could cost you up to $150.
Written by Sean Boehme
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Updated on Mar 23, 2023
Although the state of Alaska does not use cameras to catch
red light violations
, it will still cost you if you run a light. Red light violations in Alaska can carry a fine of up to $150 and earn you four demerit points on your license. 
Many states make use of cameras to catch drivers who run red lights. Although the presence of these cameras helps to reduce the number of serious accidents that occur at those intersections, they sometimes lead to innocent drivers being charged with a violation. 
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Alaska does not currently have any law surrounding the use of red light cameras within the state. With that said, it does have standard laws in place that penalize you for running a red light. 
If law enforcement spots you running a red light and you are convicted, the penalties are:
  • A fine of $150 
  • 4 demerit points on your license
If you accumulate 12 demerit points on your license in 18 months, your
license will be suspended
. It takes two years for points to be cleared off your license in Alaska.
In some cases, running a red light in Alaska could also lead to a reckless driving charge. This is a criminal charge with more severe penalties than a standard red light ticket, so drive safely and avoid it.

What should I do if I receive a red light ticket?

If law enforcement pulls you over for running a red light and issues you a ticket, you may be able to fight the charge. If you’d rather just accept the charge and pay the fine, that’s an option as well. 

How to pay a red light ticket

If you’re caught running a red light in Alaska the fine will range between $75 and $150. You can pay the fine in the following ways:
  • By phone
  • By check
  • In-person at the police department
No matter how you decide you want to pay, you’ll need to be prepared to make the payment in full

How to fight a red light ticket

In states where red light cameras are used, you may be able to fight a red light ticket by arguing that the camera was not functioning properly or that the images taken are not clear.
In Alaska, you can’t make any such argument since red light cameras aren’t used. But If an officer pulls you over for running a red light, you may be able to make a case to either the officer or the court
If you can argue that you entered the intersection at the same time that the red light turned red, or that you entered the intersection to avoid
an accident
, you may be able to avoid the charge. At the very least, you may be able to avoid the demerit points that a red light violation usually carries. 
Whether you’re arguing about a ticket stemming from a camera or an officer, you’ll want to provide as much evidence as possible when you make your case.

How does a red light camera work?

Red light cameras have a sensor that detects when cars enter an intersection. If the sensor detects a car is entering the intersection while the light is red, it will snap a photo.
The photo taken by the red light camera can identify
your license plate
, and that is usually what will lead to you being charged. Some of the other data that red light cameras can track include: 
  • Your speed
  •  The time of the incident
  •  How long the light has been red for
Although law enforcement agencies make use of red light cameras, third-party companies are usually the ones that provide the equipment and manage the data. The cameras can also be used for other traffic violations, so be sure to remain cautious when you’re near one. 
Since studies have found that red light cameras
reduce fatal accidents by almost 15%
in busy intersections, it’s no surprise that more and more states are making use of them.

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