How To Get an Alabama Motorcycle License

Alabama residents over 16 must pass two tests and pay a fee to obtain a motorcycle license.
Written by Olivia Rose
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
If you are 16 or older in
, you must pass three tests, and pay a fee to obtain a motorcycle license. 
Riding a motorcycle isn’t just pure fun—it’s also an economical and eco-friendly way to get around. There’s no better way to enjoy that sticky-hot Alabama summer air than by cooling off on the back of a good bike!

Do you need a license to operate a motorcycle in Alabama?

According to AL Code § 32-12-22 (2021), you must obtain a motorcycle license to legally operate a motorcycle in Alabama
Alabama recognizes two types of motorized cycles: a motorcycle or a motor-driven cycle like an e-bike or motorized scooter. If you have a class M driver license in Alabama, you may operate a motorcycle or motor-driven cycle. 
Only Alabama residents 16 or older are eligible to get a motorcycle license — drivers aged 14 or 15 may obtain a motor-driven cycle license.

How to add a motorcycle endorsement to your Alabama driver’s license

In order to obtain the “Class M” designation on your license in Alabama, you must
  • Pass a written examination (which includes a vision test)
  • Pass an on-cycle test
The written examination includes a series of multiple choice questions that quiz your knowledge on road safety, while the on-cycle test assesses your ability to safely operate a motorcycle. 
There is a $5 cash fee for the written examination. Getting a brand new motorcycle license costs $36.25, while adding the M class endorsement to your current license costs $31.25
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How to get a motorcycle-only license in Alabama

Getting a motorcycle-only license in Alabama is simple — just follow the same steps for obtaining the class M endorsement on a
driver’s license
. You’ll have a slightly higher fee to get a new license — $36.25 — but you won’t need to complete the requirements that are specific to earning a driver’s license. 

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Anyone operating a motorcycle in Alabama must wear a motorcycle helmet specifically designed for motorcycles and made of non-shatterable, non-penetrable material.
No. Because the Alabama motorcycle license requires passing an on-cycle test, you must complete the process in person.
It is $31.25 to get an M class endorsement on your driver’s license and $36.25 to get a new motorcycle license. There is also a $5 fee for the written examination required to obtain an Alabama motorcycle license.
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