How to Use the 2022 Buick Envision Park Assist

Depending on which options you choose, the 2022 Buick Envision can give you some basic distance alerts when you park—or fully park for you.
Written by Amber Reed
Reviewed by Jessa Claeys
Updated on Jan 11, 2023
Buick offers a few different levels of parking assistance in the 2022 Buick Envision, ranging from simple front and rear distance alerts to a completely autonomous parking experience. 
is a well-established name in the realm of upper-crust cars, although it’s now known for loaded and luxurious SUVs rather than the swanky sedans of yesteryear. The 2022 Buick Envision is a compact SUV that comes in three trim levels, spanning pretty basic to quite lavish. 
Depending on how it’s equipped, your Envision might have one of a few different parking assistance systems. To learn how to use the 2022 Buick Envision park assist features, read on.

What is the Buick Envision park assist?

Buick separates their parking assist technology into different tiers. They are either standard equipment or available options as you move up through the Envision’s three trim levels—the
, the
, and the Avenir. 
Let’s take a look at how they break down: 
  • Rear Park Assist: This is standard on all trim levels and simply consists of rear distance sensors that alert you to objects behind the vehicle when it’s in reverse.
  • Front and Rear Park Assist: This brings distance sensors to the front as well and is standard on the top Avenir trim level.
  • Automatic Parking Assist: This feature comes with the Technology I Package, which is optional on the mid-range Essence trim and standard on the Avenir trim. It can search for and automatically park or unpark your vehicle in a parallel or perpendicular parking space. It will steer for you and possibly brake (if you have that feature), but you’ll have to shift gears and accelerate when prompted.
  • Enhanced Automatic Parking Assist: This is part of the Technology II Package and is available on the Essence and Avenir trims. This is the full self-parking experience. It searches for a parking spot and then proceeds to steer, accelerate, brake, and shift gears as needed—all at the touch of a button!
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How to use the 2022 Buick Envision’s park assist features

Ready to never have parallel parking anxiety again? Us, too. Let’s talk about how to use these fabulous features! 
 For the Automatic Parking Assist, here’s what you do:
  • Press the Automatic Parking Assist button. Depending on your features, you may be able to select either the parallel or perpendicular parking option.
  • Select either “left” or “right” to tell the system which side of the vehicle to look for a parking spot on.
  • Cruise along at a slow speed (under 18 mph), and the system will beep when it detects an available spot. 
  • Follow the prompts on your infotainment screen regarding when to stop and shift into another gear. The steering wheel may vibrate to let you know it’s okay to take your hands off the wheel. 
  • Your Envision will move slowly and start to steer itself into the parking space. 
  • Pay attention to the prompts on your infotainment screen that direct when to brake, shift gears, or take your hands off the steering wheel. A beep accompanies each new prompt, and you'll see a progress bar on your infotainment screen. 
  • When it’s done, the system beeps and a “parking complete” message appears. Apply the brakes, put the car in Park, and you’re done!
If you’ve opted for the top-of-the-line Enhanced Automatic Parking Assist, you’ll have even fewer tasks to do. Here’s how it works:
  • The first few steps are essentially the same. Press the Enhanced Automatic Parking Assist button, select the parking spot type and location, and drive slowly until the system detects a spot.
  • The system will beep and prompt you to stop and shift into Reverse. On some vehicles, it may shift for you
  • You’ll be prompted to remove your hands from the steering wheel, and your Envision will automatically steer and brake into the spot, shifting from Drive to Reverse as needed
  • You’ll see a progress bar as things go along, and a “parking complete” message appears when it’s all tucked in. 
Remember, no technology is infallible, though. When you’re using these features, you should be in the car and ready to take back control at any time. Waving to people like the Queen as your Buick parks itself is optional. 

Do all Buicks have park assist?

Not necessarily. Newer Buicks should all have some kind of parking-assistance sensors, but the availability of the higher parking-assist features is dependent on the model, trim level, and specific vehicle. 
If we’re talking about your grandpa’s 1982
Buick LeSabre
, then it most definitely does not have parking assist—but it is a sick vintage ride. 

Which Buicks do have park assist?

Buick currently has three models available: the Buick Envision, the
Buick Encore
, and the
Buick Enclave
. To get these features in a new Buick, you’ll need to spring for one of the higher trim levels and/or the Technology Package. 
Parking assistance started to show up in Buicks in about 2016, so keep that in mind if you’re shopping used. 
But heads up: there have been reports that the park assist features are not being included in some new Buicks due to a shortage of microchips. So, make sure to specifically ask what features are on the vehicle you’re looking at when shopping, lest you be subjected to the horror of parking yourself.  
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