2021 Toyota Sienna Gas Tank Size

The 2021 Toyota Sienna gas tank holds 18 gallons of fuel.
Written by Macy Fouse
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Your 2021 Toyota Sienna will hold 18 gallons of gas no matter which trim you have. 
Knowing the size of your car’s gas tank is helpful for a variety of reasons, but it’s particularly important when you’re calculating your expenses at the gas pump or planning out your road trip stops. Your owner’s manual is a foolproof way to check the capacity of your Sienna, but it’s gone missing, don’t worry.
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How big is the gas tank on a 2021 Toyota Sienna?

For the 2021 model, the Toyota Sienna has a fuel tank capacity of 18 gallons—and that goes for all trims and drivetrains.

How to check your 2021 Toyota Sienna’s gas tank size

Want to check the numbers for yourself? Here are a few methods of figuring out your Sienna’s gas tank size with your own two hands.

Check your owner’s manual

The quickest and simplest way to verify your Sienna’s gas tank size is to whip out your owner’s manual, find the table of contents or index, and scan the text until you find “fuel tank capacity” or similar phrasing. 

Measure the gas tank

Measuring your gas tank is a guaranteed way to find out its exact volume. Using a tape measure, figure out the tank’s width, length, and height and multiply them together. Divide the results by 231—that's the number of cubic inches in a gallon—to discover the magic number.

Drive till empty, then fill it up

If you don’t need to know the precise measurement of your Sienna’s tank, you can simply drive until your fuel gauge gets to “E” before filling up. By watching the gas pump, you can determine approximately how much gas your tank holds.
Don’t drive on empty for too long, though, as this is risky and potentially damaging to your car.
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How to save on fuel costs in a Toyota Sienna

2021 Toyota Siennas earn an average of 36 mpg for front-wheel-drive models and 35 mpg for all-wheel-drive models. This is excellent fuel economy for a minivan. That’s because all 2021 models had hybrid powertrains, saving drivers a pretty penny at the gas pump. 
Even with the incredible fuel economy of the 2021 Sienna, you could save even more on fuel by implementing a few gas-saving habits: 
  • Stay on top of your
    Toyota maintenance schedule
    . Keep your Sienna’s fuel economy performing at optimal levels by performing regular maintenance to prevent engine wear and tear.
  • Drive cautiously. Speeding often or accelerating quickly burns more gas and could decrease your fuel economy. 
  • Don’t idle, especially in winter months. It may be the choice method for warming your Sienna for cold mornings, but idling burns up gas. Drive your Sienna gently to warm it up instead of letting it sit and run.

How to optimize your Sienna’s insurance coverage

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