Volvo V60 Ground Clearance

Current models of the Volvo V60 start at just 5.6 inches of ground clearance, but opting for the Cross Country model elevates the V60 to 8.3 inches.
Written by Shannon Fitzgerald
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Updated on Mar 23, 2023
In the United States, ground clearance for the
2022 Volvo V60
starts at 5.6 inches for the plug-in hybrid Recharge model and climbs to 8.3 inches with the more off-road capable
Cross Country
As SUVs continue gaining popularity, station wagons have become somewhat of a rarity on the road. But the American introduction of the Volvo V60 in 2015 helped carry over some of
’s luxury station wagon popularity from overseas. The V60 Cross Country model only flamed this enthusiasm further by adding more ground clearance to the original V60, melding SUV handling and station wagon roominess together beautifully. 
Interested in how much ground a luxury station wagon can clear? Look no further—we have the numbers and specs to satiate your curiosity. Let’s dive in! 
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2022 Volvo V60 ground clearance

Though Volvo downsized its V60 station wagon options last year, you can still purchase a V60 in two different model types. Here’s what their ground clearance looks like: 
  • Recharge T8 AWD Polestar Engineered: 5.6 inches 
  • T5 AWD Cross Country: 8.3 inches
As a hybrid plug-in, the V60 Recharge is purposed more with eco-consciousness in mind—its ground clearance, therefore, reflects a typical station wagon number. The Cross Country model, on the other hand, was designed specifically for light off-roading. 

Volvo V60 ground clearance over the years

If you hopped on the luxury station wagon bandwagon in the early 2010s, chances are your V60 sits slightly lower to the ground. As the V60 has evolved over its short production era in the U.S., its ground clearance has risen—but not by too much. 
Here’s a look at the Volvo V60’s ground clearance history: 
  • 1st generation for U.S. market (2015-2018): 5.4-7.9 inches
  • 2nd generation (2018-present): 5.6-8.3 inches
The exact ground clearance of your station wagon usually depends on the trim level and model year you’re driving. Ground clearance variation in the V60, however, relies primarily on whether you have the Cross Country model type or not
For example, the 2017 Volvo V60 has as many as five trim levels available: the standard T5, T5 Premier, T5 Dynamic, T5 Platinum, and T6 AWD R-Design. Each of these trim levels only maintains a 5.4 inch ground clearance, though. The 2017 V60 Cross Country, on the other hand, jumps 2.5 inches above the standard V60 to clear 7.9 inches of ground instead.

What is ground clearance—and why does it matter?

Ground clearance measurements may seem like easy-to-forget specs, but they’re actually very important numbers to know if you’re itching to get your car off-road. It refers to the space between the lowest point of your car’s chassis and the ground, ground clearance lets you know how well your car can handle uneven terrain without damaging your car’s undercarriage. 
Generally, experts recommend a ground clearance of at least 8.5 inches to do any heavy off-roading safely. Therefore, you won’t want to take your V60 too far off the beaten path—especially if you don’t have the Cross Country model type!

Is the Volvo V60 a good off-road vehicle?

At only 5.6 inches off the ground, your standard V60 wagon is most certainly not the vehicle you’d want to take off-road—you may actually have trouble just driving it off a rolled curb. 
You’ll want to stick to the V60 Cross Country and its 8.3 inches of ground clearance if you want to do any off-roading. However, you’ll want to keep the off-roading light. While the V60 Cross Country’s AWD powertrain and 250-horsepower inline four engine make it a suitable vehicle to power through a bit of snow or gravel, it’s not quite high enough to clear terrain much rougher than this. 
To embark on more aggressive off-roading adventures, consider going with a more rugged SUV: like the classic
Jeep Wrangler
, at 9.7 inches of ground clearance, or the luxury
Land Rover Discovery
at 11.1 inches. 

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