Mini Cooper Countryman Ground Clearance

The 2017 Mini Cooper Countryman has a ground clearance of 6.3 inches across all trim levels and drivetrain options—this is below what is recommended for off-roading.
Written by Melanie Johnson
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Updated on Mar 23, 2023
The 2017 Mini Cooper Countryman has a ground clearance of 6.3 inches across all trim levels. The 2022 model has a ground clearance of 6.5 inches, while the first Countryman model had a ground clearance of 5.9 inches.
Mini Cooper Countryman
has been around since 2011. Since its release, the subcompact sport utility vehicle has become Mini’s best-selling model. The 2017 model featured an entirely redesigned chassis, which increased the length of the vehicle, as well as its wheelbase. Not to mention, the ground clearance increased from the original Mini model by six inches.
That said, does the Mini Cooper Countryman stand up as an off-roading vehicle?
In this article, we’ll provide you with all the information on the Countryman’s ground clearance over the years, as well as why ground clearance matters, and whether or not your vehicle can hang off-road.
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2017 Mini Cooper Countryman ground clearance 

The ground clearance of the 2017 Mini Cooper Countryman is the same for the base and
Countryman S
trim levels, and for all front-wheel drive and
all-wheel drive
All 2017 Countryman models have a ground clearance of 6.3 inches.

Mini Cooper Countryman ground clearance over the years

If you’re interested in an earlier model of the Mini Cooper Countryman, you can expect a lower ground clearance since Countryman models have gotten taller over the years
If you’re eyeing a brand new Countryman, the ground clearance will be higher than the 2017 model by a couple of inches.
Let’s unpack the ground clearance for all the model years of the Mini Cooper Countryman:
  • 1st generation (2011-2014): 5.9 inches
  • 1st generation facelift (2015-2016): 5.9-6.3 inches
  • 2nd generation (2017-2020): 6.3-6.5 inches
  • 2nd generation facelift (2021-now): 6.5 inches
As you can see, the ground clearance of the first Mini Cooper Coutrymans was a puny 5.9 inches. It was increased in 2016 to 6.3 inches and again in 2018 to 6.5 inches, where it has remained across all trim levels today. 

What is ground clearance—and why does it matter?

Okay, so now we know the ground clearance of all trims and drivetrains of the Mini Cooper Countryman over the years, but why does it matter? 
Ground clearance is the difference between the lowest part of your vehicle’s body and the road. It’s a measure of how tall your vehicle sits above the road—or how much space there is between your car and the ground. 
Higher ground clearance is ideal for off-roading because you don’t want to have to worry about your vehicle’s chassis scraping across rocky terrain. For this reason, sport utility vehicles and trucks are the best types of vehicles to take off the grid. In particular, the
Jeep Wrangler
and the
Ford Bronco
are popular options. We also recommend the

Is the Mini Cooper Countryman a good off-road vehicle?

Off-roading experts typically recommend a ground clearance of at least 8.5 inches for off-the-grid adventures. Since a brand new Mini Cooper Countryman’s ground clearance is only 6.5 inches, most would agree that it is not an optimal off-road vehicle.
That said, ground clearance is not the only thing to consider when purchasing a vehicle you intend to take off-roading. You’ll also want to look at all-wheel drive functionality, horsepower, and driver assistance features
While All4, Mini’s all-wheel drive option, is available in the 2017 Countryman, the vehicle only produces up to 189-horsepower—for comparison, the Jeep Wrangler creates up to 285 hp. The Countryman does include plentiful driver assistance features to keep passengers safe in all kinds of road conditions—including brake assist, electronic stability control, and traction control.
That said, if you’re determined to take your Countryman off-roading, consider investing in a
lift kit
, which can add up to two inches of ground clearance—bringing your vehicle up to 8.3-8.5 inches!

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