2015 Toyota Corolla Gas Tank Size

The 2015 Toyota Corolla can carry a maximum of 13.2 gallons of gas, but how fast it empties depends on your driving habits, transmission, and trim.
Written by Jasmine Kanter
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Updated on Nov 02, 2022
There’s just one gas tank size available for the
2015 Toyota Corolla
: 13.2 gallons.
Big gas tanks can take you a long way, but that's not the only factor. For a complete picture of your Toyota Corolla gas mileage, you should also consider the trim, powertrain, and transmission. Since we love saving money,
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How big is the gas tank of a 2015 Toyota Corolla?

There’s room for 13.2 gallons of gas in every 2015 Toyota Corolla. There’s also one engine option: a 132-horsepower, 1.8L inline-four. However, even though powertrain options are limited, trims are plentiful.
Here’s the complete list:
For every trim level of the 2015 Toyota Corolla (except the L), buyers can add the Plus or Premium sub-trim. Whatever you choose, you won't notice a difference in gas tank size, but that’s not to say all gas tanks are created equal. Depending on your trim and transmission, you may see slight differences in your Toyota Corolla gas mileage. More on that in a moment; first, we’ll verify the size of the tank.

How to check your 2015 Toyota Corolla’s gas tank size

Not sure of your car’s year or trim? There are a few ways to measure the gas tank on your own:

Measure the gas tank

Using a measuring tape, record the length, width, and height of your gas tank in inches. Next, using a calculator, multiply your measurements to get the gas tank volume in cubic inches. Finally, divide by 231 (the number of cubic inches per gallon), and you’ll have your 2015 Toyota Corolla gas tank size!

Check your owner’s manual

Your Corolla’s owner's manual has a lot of important information, like the gas tank size and
what kind of fuel you should put in it
. If you’ve lost yours, don’t worry—just about every Corolla owner’s manual ever printed can be found on
Toyota's owner's webpage

Drive ‘til empty, then fill it up

If you’ve ever wondered just
how far you can go on an empty tank of gas
, here’s your chance to find out. Drive until you’re nearly running on fumes, then see how much fuel it takes to refill at the pump. Just don’t blame us if you run dry!
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How to save on fuel costs in a Toyota Corolla

Depending on which trim and transmission you choose, your 2015 Toyota Corolla gas mileage will vary. There isn't much difference between a four-speed automatic and a six-speed manual, but a continuously-variable transmission (CVT) gives you more gas for your buck. True to its name, the LE Eco trim gets the most range because of its more efficient engine.
Here are the exact EPA fuel economy numbers for every version of the 2015 Toyota Corolla:
Model and trims
MPG (city/highway/combined)
Toyota Corolla L
1.8L inline-four
Four-speed automatic
Toyota Corolla L, S Plus
1.8L inline-four
Six-speed manual
Toyota Corolla LE, LE Plus, LE Premium, S, S Plus, S Premium
1.8L inline-four
Toyota Corolla LE Eco, LE Eco Plus, LE Eco Premium
1.8L inline-four
Don't worry if you chose the cheapest option. There are lots of ways to save on gas, like:
  • Maintaining your car. Cars that receive regular service aren’t just happy, but fuel-efficient, too.
  • Easing off the gas. Fuel consumption increases when you accelerate suddenly. Take the road at a more relaxed pace unless you're merging on the highway.
  • Doing a little warm up. Even though you can't wait to feel hot air blowing from the vents in winter, idling isn't worth the fuel it consumes. Your car will get warmer if you drive gently instead.

How to optimize your Toyota Corolla’s insurance coverage

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