What You Should Know About the 2011 Ford Fusion Battery Draining Problem

Your Ford Fusion battery draining problem may be due to a failed alternator, a bad battery, or other issues.
Written by Nick Kunze
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
The 2011 Ford Fusion is known for its battery draining issues, which leaves Fusion owners with poorly working electronics or a car that won’t start. These battery issues may be caused by a bad alternator, a leaking battery, or another issue.
A dead battery can put a serious damper on your day, derailing all your plans while you try and get your battery juiced up again. Unfortunately for Ford Fusion owners, this is a common issue. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a solution, however!  
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What causes the 2011 Ford Fusion battery draining problem?

Battery drain is a common complaint for 2011 Ford Fusion owners, with online forums flooded with unhappy owners dealing with electrical issues related to dead batteries. Battery issues can lead to poor performance from the car’s electrical components or, at worst, the car not starting.
The question for a Ford Fusion owner is: why is my battery draining? There isn’t one obvious answer, although there are a few likely culprits, including:
  • Broken alternator: The alternator turns the car’s mechanical energy into electrical energy while the car is in motion, recharging the battery. If the alternator is malfunctioning, the battery will drain without ever getting recharged.
  • Leaking battery: If the battery is leaking, acid can escape and damage the battery’s cells. This can eventually kill your battery.
  • Corroded cables: If the cables connecting the battery to your Ford get corroded, they can prevent the proper transfer of electricity or stop the battery from recharging.
  • Parasitic drain: If a light or other electrical component has been left on, the battery can drain while the car is not in use.

How to fix the 2011 Ford Fusion’s battery draining problem

If you’ve got a battery draining problem, you’ll want to get it fixed immediately. First, you should make sure everything is turned off to prevent parasitic drain. If a light left on isn’t the culprit, it’s time to head to the mechanic.
Since there are so many possible causes of a Ford Fusion’s battery draining problem, going to a professional is the best way to get your issue sorted out.
The cost and length of repairs are dependent on what the issue is. If the problem is a faulty electrical relay, your car will be fixed in an hour or two for less than $100. If the alternator is broken, you may be looking at a lengthy
alternator repair
that will cost over $1000!
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