2008 GMC Envoy Towing Capacity

The 2008 GMC Envoy has a maximum towing capacity of 5,300 lbs pounds when equipped with the SLT drive type.
Written by Cameron Thiessen
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
The towing capacity of the 2008 GMC Envoy SUV ranges from 5,200 to 5,300 pounds depending on the trim. 
If you’re looking for the perfect SUV to take to your cabin or drive into the mountains, paying attention to and including towing capacities in your comparison shopping criteria is essential. Most SUVs are built with a certain amount of towing in mind, but a number of factors—including your vehicle’s size, engine power, and transmission—will ultimately determine the maximum amount you can tow. 
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How much can a 2008 GMC Envoy tow?

Base towing capacity: 5,200 pounds
Maximum towing capacity: 5,300 pounds
Engines: SRT, SLT
The 2008 GMC Envoy offers a classic SUV look and feel and an impressive towing capacity for a vehicle of its size. 
The baseline towing capacity of a 2008 Envoy is 5,200 pounds with an SRT drivetrain or 5,300 pounds for the SLT.

Trailer hitches for the 2008 Envoy

Each model of the 2008 Envoy comes with a trailer harness and a trailer hitch.
If you want to outfit your 2008 Envoy with an aftermarket hitch for a possible boost in towing capacity, you’ll have plenty of options, like the top-rated
CURT 13146 Class 3
trailer hitch, rated for up to 6,000 pounds gross trailer weight. 
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How to calculate the towing capacity you need

As much as it’s nice to be able to look at all the numbers, the numbers ultimately boil down to one question: What kind of stuff can l tow with the 2008 Envoy’s towing capacity? We’re here to answer that question! 
But first, it’s important to remind you that your towing capacity should be greater than the biggest load you plan to pull—so don’t expect to be able to hitch a big horse trailer to the back of this SUV. 
Although the exact weights of different loads will always be different from trip to trip, here’s what you can expect to be able to tow with a 2008 Envoy.
  • Canoe or kayak trailer (600 to 800 lbs.)
  • Motorcycle trailer (800 to 3,000 lbs.) 
  • Pop-up camper (2,800 to 4,300 lbs.) 
  • Some utility trailers (up to 5,300 lbs.) 
If you want to take your SUV out to the bike tracks with some MX bikes in tow, you’ll be well equipped with the Envoy. But if you’ve got larger adventuring aspirations or just need to haul a huge utility trailer, you’re going to have to shell out for a bigger truck or a larger SUV. 
Remember, every load you’ll tow will be different, so always check the total weight of your trailer and hitch when it’s fully loaded. You’ll also need to factor in your vehicle’s weight along with the weight of passengers and cargo. 

How to increase towing capacity

If you’re hoping to increase the load your 2008 Envoy is capable of pulling, check out these tips: 
  • Install a weight-distribution hitch to reduce sway and give the suspension a break
  • Upgrade your brake pads and rotors to accommodate heavier loads 
  • Add a bigger radiator to improve your engine’s cooling capacity 
  • Level up to stronger axles, such as RV axles
It’s important to understand that some types of upgrades could actually decrease your SUV’s towing capacity. Switching out the 2008 Envoy’s standard 17-inch wheels for larger aftermarket rims, to name one example, would likely end up increasing the pressure on your engine and lessen your SUV’s overall towing capabilities.  
While you can try to increase your SUV’s towing capacity with upgrades, keep in mind that minor changes will more than likely not give your 2008 Envoy a significantly larger towing capability. If you’re looking for an SUV capable of hauling larger loads, you may be better off with a larger SUV such as the
Ford Expedition
, which has a maximum towing capacity of 9,300 pounds, or the
Dodge Durango R/T
, with its maximum rating of 8,700 pounds
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The 2008 GMC Envoy is a midsize SUV able to tow up to 5,300 pounds with the SLT drivetrain. While the 2008 Envoy can handle fairly big loads like campers, it’s not designed to tow weights above 5,300 pounds, such as larger utility trailers.
Every 2008 GMC Envoy came with a trailer harness and a trailer hitch.
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