2006 Jeep Liberty Gas Tank Size

The 2006 Jeep Liberty has a 20.5-gallon gas tank.
Written by Amber Reed
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
All models of the 2006 Jeep Liberty are fitted with a 20.5-gallon gas tank.
For cost-conscious drivers, knowing your car’s gas capacity is essential for calculating your monthly auto expenses. With the price of gas in 2022 reaching as much as five dollars per gallon in some areas, planning your fuel budget is more important now than ever before. If you know how big your car’s gas tank is, and how much it costs to fill it up, you’re in a better position to make decisions about where and when you drive.
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How big is the gas tank on a 2006 Jeep Liberty?

The 2006 Jeep Liberty has a gas capacity of 20.5 gallons.
In most cases, big SUVs with powerful engines have larger gas tanks to accommodate their increased fuel consumption. All three of the 2006 Liberty trim levels (Sport, Renegade, and Limited) are fitted with a V6 engine and have the same high-capacity gas tank that holds 20.5 gallons of fuel.

How to check your 2006 Jeep Liberty’s gas tank size

The 2006 Jeep Liberty has a fuel capacity of 20.5 gallons for all configurations and trim levels. But if you want to confirm that number, here’s how to check the size of your car’s gas tank on your own.

Measure the gas tank

You can find your car’s gas capacity by taking some measurements and doing a simple math equation. Start by gathering a measuring tape and a calculator, then follow these steps:
  • Get under your car and find its gas tank.
  • Measure the tank’s width, length, and height.
  • Multiply those numbers together.
  • Divide your answer by 231 (that’s the number of cubic inches in a gallon).
The final result should give you the 2006 Jeep Liberty’s gas capacity of 20.5 gallons.

Check your owner’s manual

Information on your car’s gas tank size can also be found inside your owner’s manual. Search the table of contents for terms like “gas tank”, “fuel tank”, or “specifications”. You should find your gas capacity on the listed page.

Drive till empty, then fill it up

If you don’t need an exact measurement, you can estimate your car’s fuel capacity by driving until your fuel gauge is empty and then filling it up again. When you go to the gas station, watch the meter on the pump. When your tank is full, the meter will tell you exactly how many gallons of gas you put into your car.
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How to save on fuel costs with a 2006 Jeep Liberty

When it comes to fuel economy, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rates the 2006 Jeep Liberty for either 17 or 21 miles per gallon, depending on its fuel type. While models that use diesel get better mileage than the ones that use gasoline, those numbers are still pretty unimpressive. 
You can save money on gas by driving less or using a gas app to find the cheapest prices. But if you want to save even more, here are some other things you can try: 
  • Always
    properly maintain your car
    . Things like dirty oil, poorly aligned wheels, or an untuned engine can all contribute to increased fuel consumption.
  • Don’t drive aggressively. Speeding and slamming on your brakes can cause your car to use more gas.
  • Try not to let your car idle. It can be tempting to let your engine run if you’re only parking for a few minutes, but doing so uses gas unnecessarily.

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