Guide for the 1999 Corvette

The 1999 Chevrolet Corvette was named one of Car and Driver’s ‘Top 10 Cars’ for 1999.
Written by Ethan Moser
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Updated on Jan 17, 2023
Named one of Car and Driver’s ‘Top 10 Cars’ for 1999, the 1999 Chevrolet Corvette beats out other sports cars of its time, offering a powerhouse LS1 V8 engine and a coupe trunk capacity of 24.8 cubic feet.
Boasting an impressive 345 horsepower at 5,600 rotations per minute, the 1999 Corvette builds on the success of preceding models, making it a great option if you’re on the hunt for a used sports car. 
In addition to its show-stopping performance, one of the most attractive features of the 1999 Corvette is its affordability. Compared to other sports cars in its class, the Corvette offers outstanding style and performance at a fraction of the price. 
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Ownerships costs for a 1999 Corvette

Costs for buying a 1999 Corvette are going to vary depending on your location, the type of seller, the body style, and the mileage, among other factors. With that being said, you can typically expect to pay between $12,000 and $16,000 for a used 1999 Corvette coupe, according to
Kelley Blue Book
. Prices for a convertible are slightly higher.
Determining the true cost of ownership for your 1999 Corvette is about more than the price tag though. In order to understand how much you’ll actually end up paying for your Corvette in the long run, you'll need to take into consideration additional costs, like insurance, maintenance, and potential repair costs. On average, drivers of a 1999 Corvette pay approximately $900 annually on car insurance alone. 
Seeing as the 1999 Corvette is more than 20 years old, drivers should expect that repair costs will factor into their overall cost of ownership as well. How much you should expect to spend on repair costs is going to depend on your car’s mileage and current condition at the time of purchase. Thankfully, with over 33,000 1999 Corvettes produced in the U.S., finding spare parts for this fifth-generation beauty shouldn’t pose too much of an issue.

Where to buy a 1999 Corvette

If you’re looking for the best place to buy a 1999 Corvette, sites like
can be a big help to you by locating local Chevrolet dealerships that carry the model. If you’d rather buy from a fellow enthusiast, however, checking out online
Corvette forums
can help you find independently listed Vettes in your area. 

What does the 1999 Corvette bring to the table?

The 1999 Corvette is the third addition to Chevy’s fifth generation of Corvettes. Offering a powerful LS1 5.7-liter aluminum V8 engine, the 1999 Corvette builds upon the success of earlier fifth-generation Corvettes with a lower curb weight and substantially stiffer frame, making for a noticeably smoother ride
The sports car received widespread acclaim from drivers and critics alike, being named Autoweek’s Readers Pick for “America’s Best Car” in 1999. 

Strengths and weaknesses of the 1999 Corvette

If you think a 1999 Corvette might be the car for you, you’ll first want to take a look at the pros and cons of owning and driving the model before you buy. 

The good: speed

Following in the tradition of all Corvette models, the 1999 Corvette boasts an impressive speed rating, going from 0-60 miles per hour in as little as 4.8 seconds!
Similarly, reaching max speeds of 171 mph, the 1999 Corvette is a dream car for all performance-oriented drivers. 

The good: cargo space

The 1999 Corvette nearly doubles the coupe trunk capacity of the 1998 model, offering a whopping 24.8 cubic feet of cargo space. This model is ideal for both performance and practicality.

The good: safety

While sports cars aren't necessarily known for their safety features, the 1999 Corvette features a range of advanced safety technologies including an energy-absorbing interior as well as a high-strength steel safety cage designed to keep passengers safe during a collision.
Additionally, an ahead-of-its-time anti-lock brake system and standard all-speed electronic traction control system help to give the 1999 Corvette enhanced grip on low-traction surfaces. 

The bad: mechanical issues

Seeing as the 1999 Corvette is more than 20 years old, it is unsurprising that it is plagued by a few common mechanical issues. In particular, drivers of the model have reported that the car sometimes suffers from a leaking battery, needle bearing failure, and warped rotors
While many of these issues are the result of common wear and tear, when purchasing an older car, it is important to factor in the possibility that these issues could raise your overall cost of ownership by introducing unexpected repair bills

The bad: transmission issues

In all fifth-generation Corvettes, common issues have been reported in relation to the car’s manual transmission, specifically, the steering column locking up after the ignition is disengaged and staying locked even after the driver restarts the car. In certain rare cases, the steering column has also been reported to have remained locked while the car is in operation. 
While Chevrolet dealerships have developed a method for disengaging the locking mechanism, it should be noted that this is the only currently known method for resolving this common issue among fifth-generation Corvettes. 

The bottom line—which 1999 Corvette to buy

Unfortunately, unlike some newer Corvette models, drivers have only a few options to choose from when it comes to the 1999 Corvette: coupe, convertible, or hard-top. With the specs and fuel economy of each of these options being relatively similar, the choice between the three is mainly a matter of personal preference, however, it should be noted that the convertible option will offer significantly less protection in the case of an accident. 
While there is little choice in terms of trim levels for the 1999 Corvette, you do benefit from a number of choices in terms of aesthetics. The 1999 model is available in a number of different exterior paint colors and also offers the following options in terms of interior upholstery colors: light oak feather, firethorn red, light gray leather, and black leather. 

How to save money on car insurance for the 1999 Corvette

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