Guide for the 1985 Corvette

The 1985 Corvette featured improvements to the fuel injection and suspension that make it an excellent choice for collectors.
Written by Sarah Gray
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Updated on Jan 18, 2023
Never one to sit on their laurels, Chevy took critics at their word to bring the C4 Corvette back for a second year full of improvements in 1985.
Just because the
1984 model-year Corvette
completely sold out doesn’t mean it was perfect. In fact, reviews were only lukewarm and often cited issues with the initial C4’s not-nearly-as-impressive-as-it-sounds “Cross-Fire” fuel injection system and the vehicle’s harsh, unforgiving ride, especially when coupled with the Z51 Performance Package.
So, Chevy returned with the second generation C4 in 1985 with even more upgrades and fixes. To help you navigate your way through these innovations,
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Ownership costs for a 1985 Corvette 

Figuring out the cost of ownership for cars like the 1985 Corvette is not as simple as doing so for newer vehicles. Rather than calculating costs associated with depreciation, financing, and fuel, you need to consider those associated with maintenance, storage, and repairs. 
Initially, new owners will have the cost of the vehicle itself, which originally sold at $24,403. Today, a mint condition 1985 Corvette could cost you as much as $21K, but buyers can usually find well-kept ‘Vettes for around $7K to $9K.
Car maintenance
and repairs will be your biggest expenses for a car like this. A quick review of several popular Corvette forums suggests owners of a 1984 Corvette should expect to pay anywhere from $2K to $10K per year, depending on how often they drive. 
If you’re planning to keep the car and insure it as a classic, you’ll also need to be sure you budget for storage.

Where to buy a 1985 Corvette

To buy a 1985 Corvette, use
or other sale and auction sites like Craigslist. You can also check out
Corvette forums
for listings and information if you’d prefer to buy or learn from a fellow enthusiast.

What does the 1985 Corvette bring to the table? 

The 1985 Corvette features two major upgrades from the 1984 model year. The poor-performing Cross-Fire Injection System was replaced by what essentially amounted to a German Bosch fuel-injection system to improve performance, and modifications to the spring and shock rates addressed issues with suspension.

Strengths and weaknesses of the 1985 Corvette

Here are the standout features for those in the market for a 1985 Corvette—the good and the bad.

The good: speed

Improvements to the C4’s suspension resulted in the 1985 Corvette sitting three-quarters of an inch closer to the ground. This resulted in a reduced drag coefficient, which allowed the ‘Vette to reach up to 150 mph.

The good: performance

The redesigned Tuned Port Injection system that replaced the defunct Cross-Fire system boosted the engine's performance to the tune of 25 horsepower and 40 foot-pounds of torque.

The bad: theft

Apparently, buyers weren’t the only ones coveting Corvettes. About 7% of all 1984 and 1985 Corvettes were stolen.

The bottom line—which 1985 Corvette to buy

Early model builds didn’t offer nearly as many trim options as we see today. In 1985, buyers could choose the C4 Corvette Coupe L98 or the L98 with the Z51 Performance Package added. Based on the improvements Chevy made to the suspension for 1985, you might opt for the Z51 add-on, but either trim is an excellent option.

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