The 1976 Lincoln Town Car

The price you pay for a classic 1976 Lincoln Continental Town Car depends on mileage, restoration, and quality.
Written by Cassandra Hamilton
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Once the best-selling top dog in the American auto industry, the
Lincoln Town Car
has moved on to greener pastures after being discontinued in 2011. It owes its rise to fame to the
Lincoln Continental
, the luxurious precursor to the Town Car.
The average American could experience the luxury of a limousine at home when they purchased one of
’s Town Cars. The Lincoln Town Car experienced a meteoric rise to prominence in the 1980s and 1990s and is still regarded as a historic icon today.
Curious about the car models that made the Town Car happen?
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, is here with a guide on the 1976 Lincoln Continental Town Car, one of the Lincoln Town Car’s most luxurious predecessors. We’ll go over its stats, give you information on where to find one, and tips on deciding if this ride is right for you.
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Is the 1976 Lincoln Continental Town Car a good car?

Starting MSRP: $9,293 in 1976 ($47,738 in today’s market)
Engine type: 460 cid V8
Fuel economy: 12 mpg
Seating capacity: Six passengers
Trim levels: Standard, Town Car, and Mark IV
In 1976, Lincoln got one step closer to the release of the
Town Car
with its top seller the Continental. Lincoln decided to streamline this luxury car model in 1976 and moved some of its standard options to upper trim levels, like the Town Car and Mark IV. Things that used to come standard, like the carpeted luggage area and long-shear cut-pile carpeting, were now available when consumers upgraded the trim to Town Car or higher.
The Town Car gave its drivers a first-class experience while driving thanks to its deft handling and beastly engine. The ultra-plus seats cushioned any imperfection in the road so well, the imperfection may as well not have existed. You could use your power-operated seats to perfect your posture and enjoy your ride.
Lincoln cut back on the number of exterior colors it offered for the Continental Town Car in 1976. The colors offered were:
  • Black
  • Dark Red
  • Dark Blue Metallic
  • Light Blue
  • Dark Jade Metallic
  • Dark Brown Metallic
  • Cream
  • Tan 
  • White
  • Silver Diamond Fire
  • Dark Red Moondust
  • Medium Blue Diamond Fire
  • Silver Blue Diamond Fire
  • Light Ginger Diamond Fire
  • Medium Chestnut Diamond Fire
  • Yellow Gold Diamond Fire
For the interior, consumers could choose from a few different color options: Gold and Cream, Red and Rose, Light Jade and Dark Jade, or Lipstick and White. Consumers also had a color choice for the vinyl roof.
Car collectors today have a much more limited choice when it comes to choosing a color for their 1976 Lincoln Continental Town Car—it’s all due to the availability from the limited stock. Keep searching to find the color combination you’ve been dreaming of!

How much should a 1976 Lincoln Continental Town Car cost?

You can’t use a resource like
Kelley Blue Book
to find the value of a classic car. These tools calculate the value based on a car’s age and miles, while older classic cars appreciate in value instead of depreciating.
Classic car appraisers look at things like rarity, desirability, restoration level, mileage, and more when setting the value of a classic car. You could find a 1976 Lincoln Continental Town Car for as low as $8,995 or somewhere around the average value of $24,995. Cars that have undergone serious restoration and modernization will fetch even higher prices.
Key Takeaway A specialty appraiser will have to tell you the worth of a classic car instead of popular online tools.

Where to buy a 1976 Lincoln Continental Town Car

Unfortunately, you can’t turn to
when you’re looking for a classic car. While these sites are useful for finding a standard used car, they often don’t have the inventory a classic car collector is looking for. 
To get started collecting classic cars, it’s best to check with a classic car enthusiast in your area or a garage that specializes in restoring old cars. If these resources aren’t available in your area, you can find some sites online like
Doing thorough research is crucial to buying a classic car, whether you buy directly from a collector you know or buy online. Look up what kind of mechanical problems the car you’re interested in is prone to as well as what kind of upkeep you can expect over the years. Make sure you have a trusted mechanic to help you with a maintenance schedule—not all mechanics are trained to work on rare or classic cars.
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The bottom line: should I buy a 1976 Lincoln Continental Town Car?

The Lincoln Continental Town Car paved the way for the modern iteration of the Town Car we all know and love today. If you’re interested in purchasing the car that helped make the Town Car happen, keep in mind that restoring and owning a classic car are labors of love that might not pay off financially in the future.
While you shouldn’t use your classic car as your daily driver, you should definitely take it on the road from time to time to enjoy the smooth ride the Lincoln Continental Town Car is known for. Let the plush seats cushion every bump in the road and enjoy how far away the outside world feels when you’re behind the wheel.
The Lincoln Town Car was discontinued in 2011, so any iteration of this classic is a rare and lucky find—especially when you find its precursor! The 1976 Lincoln Continental Town Car is a great choice for you if you’re interested in keeping a piece of American auto history alive.

How to find car insurance for the 1976 Lincoln Continental Town Car

While purchasing a classic car technically means you’re buying a used car, finding the right insurance is an entirely different game. For vehicles this old, you need a
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