Guide for the 1966 Corvette

The 1966 Corvette offers speed, handling, performance, and a classic sporty look that will appease any car enthusiast.
Written by Rob Shapiro
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Any fan of classic sports cars will love the 1966 Corvette. Its 427 big-block engine, 425-horsepower with 11:1 compression, and 12.6 cubic feet of cargo space led to it breaking the Corvette sales record on its way to becoming a true classic.  
It seems as if every year the Corvette only gets better. 1966 saw Chevrolet roll out a car that was sporty, sophisticated, modern, luxurious, and incredibly powerful. 
The 1966 Corvette features standard convertible and coupe trim levels and an L79 engine option. Its designers were able to provide enough upgrades to its look and performance to make it worth its price. 
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Ownership costs for a 1966 Corvette 

Ask any owner of a classic car and they’ll tell you that it’s not a cheap purchase. It requires you to pay quite a bit every year toward fuel, insurance, repairs, and more. 
According to J.D. Power, the 1966 Corvette’s original MSRP was $4,084. Its retail price ranges from $40,000 to $81,600, making its average retail price rather high at $64,000.
The cost to own a 1966 Corvette depends on where you live, how well you care for it, and more. 
Review these estimated annual costs for owning a 1966 Corvette:
Average amount
Fuel costs
Maintenance and repairs

Where to buy a 1966 Corvette

A lot of people assume that to buy a 1966 Corvette, you need to find a private seller or dealership that specializes in classic sports cars. While these are viable options, you can also use online marketplaces like
, or
We recommend starting your search on a
Corvette forum
where you can find tips, browse listings, and chat with other Corvette owners. 
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What does the 1966 Corvette bring to the table? 

The 1966 Corvette brings a bit of everything to the table. Each type offers exceptional power, amazing handling, and the ideal sports car experience. 
This Vette was able to build off the success and engineering of the 1965 model and offer something even more appealing to the sports car market. 

Strengths and weaknesses of the 1966 Corvette

Here are some of the features and traits that make the 1966 Corvette such a desirable classic car—and a couple of weaknesses that have held it back.

The good: design

The 1966 Corvette was designed with style improvements that made it more sleek and aerodynamic. The ‘66 design made it even more fun to drive. 
Whether you go coupe, Stingray, or convertible, you will be behind the wheel of an eye-catching classic sports car.  

The good: drivability

This Corvette makes seamless turns, can hug corners, and is powerful without being aggressively loud. 
The wheel is firm but easy to maneuver, so you can control the car with a comfortable grip. Corvettes are typically lightweight, so you can enjoy the torque without needing a heavy foot. Also, you will barely feel any bumps or unevenness on the road.

The good: speed

The 1966 Corvette’s top speed was amped up to 140 mph. Its speed and design let you drive through open roads or along coastlines without worrying about spinning out. 
You might find this hard to believe but the 1966 Corvette can go 0 to 60 in 4.8 seconds, which is quite an improvement from the previous Corvette

The bad: polyester scent

The cabin in most Corvettes smells like resinous polyester. While this is unpleasant, all you need to remedy it is your run-of-the-mill air freshener that can be bought at most gas stations. 

The bad: lack of cargo space

In classic Corvettes, the trunk space is just a bonus. The 1966 Corvette doesn’t offer much, so it’s best to have a second car that has ample space for your golf bag or luggage. 
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The bottom line—which 1966 Corvette to buy

Every class of Corvette has its options, and all should appeal to passionate car enthusiasts. You should choose whatever makes you the most excited.
Each has its defenders, but it’s hard to argue against buying the 1966 Corvette Stingray. It’s a true classic. 

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