Guide for the 1957 Corvette

The 1957 Corvette is one of the most important entries in the Corvette lineup due to its performance.
Written by Michelle Ballestrasse
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Updated on Jan 18, 2023
The 1957 Corvette took the new foundations laid down by its predecessor and injected more power into the mix. The 1957 edition was the first 'Vette in the lineup to offer optional fuel injection and an optional four-speed manual transmission. 
The 1956 Corvette defined the series in terms of style, but ‘57 defined it in terms of performance. This model year saw the introduction of the revolutionary Ramjet Fuel Injection system, one of the most advanced performance features of the age. While it wasn’t a perfect system, it signaled the eventual decline of the carburetor, as the Ramjet improved acceleration, fuel efficiency, and engine performance by delivering fuel directly to the cylinders.
The Ramjet, however, came with its fair share of problems, including overheating and dirt accumulating in the fuel lines, which meant that the 1957 ‘Vette eventually had to go back to traditional carburetors. But its speed with the Ramjet system was unparalleled, and when it performed at Sebring, the 1957 Corvette handily beat the top-qualifying Mercedes Benz 300 SL—once considered the fastest road car in the world.
With their powers combined, the 1956 and 1957 model years established Corvette’s enduring reputation for not only style but speed as well. And together, they cemented the Corvette’s place as America’s sports car.
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Ownership costs for a 1957 Corvette

As a classic car, a 1957 Corvette is going to have different costs associated with it than your typical day-to-day mode of transportation. These costs include storage fees, registration fees,
classic car insurance
coverage, and the cost of specialized parts and tools. In addition, you can expect any repairs done by a third party to be more expensive, since only mechanics with specialized knowledge of classic car configurations can make them.
As such, determining the true cost of ownership for a ‘57 Corvette is almost impossible. But suffice to say, it’s not for the faint of heart.

Where to buy a 1957 Corvette

There were 6,339 Corvettes produced in 1957, almost double the output from the previous year. However, there are only 240 that are equipped with the famous Ramjet Fuel Injection system, so the odds of finding one of these in good condition (especially considering the problems with the system) are low. 
The aptly named website
Classic Cars
does list 1957 Corvettes for sale in excellent condition, including the fuel-injected models. But while the carburetor-driven models typically retail between $39,600-$59,700, you can expect the rarer fuel-injected models to go for well over $100,000.

What does the 1957 Corvette bring to the table? 

The 1957 Corvette has a prominent place in the model’s history as it took what was once a casual roadster and transformed it into the speed machine that we know and love today.
Only 240 of the total number of ‘Vettes produced in 1957 have the Ramjet Fuel Injection system, which does add value to the car. However, it diminishes performance, ironically, because of the system’s fledgling problems. But this shouldn’t be an issue for owners, as the ‘57’s racing days are long gone.

Strengths and weaknesses of the 1957 Corvette

While enthusiasts know that the 1956 Corvette was also instrumental in laying the foundation for the line, the 1957 was the more popular and in-demand of the two. This was largely due to its fame as a speed machine and its initial use of the Ramjet Fuel Injection system.
With only 240 of the total 6,339 ‘57 ‘Vettes produced using the Ramjet system, picking up one of these is a significant boost to its value. However, the issue is you’re much less likely to be able to drive it. The Ramjet system was discontinued when it was discovered the system was frequently clogged up with dirt, which caused overheating and could potentially damage the engine.
So even if you find a ‘57 with the carburetor that ultimately replaced the Ramjet, you’re still getting one of the most important landmark Corvettes in the lineup. And you’ll actually be able to drive it, which is a plus.

The bottom line—which 1957 Corvette to buy

Owning a classic car is neither an easy nor inexpensive feat, and it’s not exactly practical either. It takes a certain kind of love and devotion to care for a classic car, especially one like the ‘57 Corvette. But whether you love Corvettes for nostalgia’s sake, for their aesthetic beauty, or for their value, the ‘57 model year is one of the very best.

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