Wyoming Speeding Ticket

If you’re issued a Wyoming speeding ticket, you can either pay the fine or fight the ticket in court.
Written by Maxine Boyko
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
If you are ticketed for speeding in Wisconsin, you will either plead guilty or no contest and pay for the ticket and any accompanying penalties, or plead not guilty in court. 
Millions of speeding tickets are issued each year in the United States, but they’re not all created equal. Getting a speeding ticket can come as a minor inconvenience or a major drawback. 
There is never a great time to receive a speeding ticket, but knowing what your state’s options are will help you feel prepared and could even do some damage control. 
If you find yourself facing a speeding ticket in Wyoming, you’ve come to the right place—here to help walk you through the process and the steps you can take is
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What is considered speeding in Wyoming?

Wyoming has two types of speeding laws: “absolute limits” and “basic speeding law.” Absolute limits are posted and definitive, whereas basic speeding law prohibits "greater than is reasonable and prudent under the conditions and having regard to the actual and potential hazards then existing."
In short, drivers are in violation of Wyoming speeding laws if they either exceed the posted limits—like driving 90 in a 65—or drive at a speed considered unsafe and/or unreasonable under varying road, weather, and traffic conditions
In Wyoming, speeding is considered a misdemeanor and violating the speed laws will result in fines, jail time, or both. There is, however, an exception to the rule—you are allowed to exceed the speed limit when passing on a two-lane road. 

What are the fines for a speeding ticket in Wyoming? 

The fine for a basic speed violation in Wyoming is a flat $85. Charges for violating the absolute speed limit include both a base fee and an additional fine for every one mile that exceeds the speed limit.  
You can calculate how much an absolute speed limit violation costs in Wyoming using the table below.
Base fee
Additional fine (for each 1 mph over limit)
1 - 5 mph over speed limit
6 - 10 mph over speed limit
11 - 20 over speed limit
21+ mph
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Remember, you don’t have to be going over the speed limit to get a speeding ticket in Wyoming. Exercising your better judgment can keep you from having to pay the cost of a basic speed violation.

Options for dealing with a speeding ticket in Wyoming

You have three options for dealing with a Wyoming speeding ticket. You can: 
  • Plead guilty or no contest and pay your fine
  • Plead not guilty and appear in court
  • Defensive driving course, if eligible
Paying for your speeding ticket is equivalent to admitting guilt, and in most cases, the only action you will have to take to close your case is to pay by the deadline.
In some cases, the court may offer a defensive driving course as an option for ticket dismissal. Contact the court on the ticket to determine your eligibility.

How to pay a speeding ticket in Wyoming

There are three ways to pay for a speeding ticket in Wisconsin—online, by mail, and in person.
If the ticket is issued through a participating circuit court, the most convenient option is to pay the ticket online through the state’s
citation payment system
. This option is not available for municipal court payments or if your ticket states you must appear in court.
If you prefer to pay by mail or in person, your ticket will include specific instructions and information regarding acceptable payment methods and the court’s mailing and physical addresses. 
Your case will be closed once the court accepts your payment. Remember to pay your ticket by the deadline—failure to do so can lead to license suspension and an arrest warrant.  

How to fight a speeding ticket in Wyoming

Fighting a speeding ticket in Wyoming is a particularly involved process. Before you proceed with your decision, you should take time to consider the costs and benefits of fighting the ticket.

State your plea

The first step of disputing your speeding ticket is to plead guilty with the court in charge of your case. 
Check your ticket for your court’s specific details and procedures.
courts handle traffic tickets issued by city police officers and
courts handle traffic tickets issued by the sheriff’s department or Wyoming Highway Patrol. The method for how you may submit your plea response—in person, by mail, through email—varies from court to court. 
Once your plea is accepted, the court will assign a date for either a pre-trial conference or trial
It is very important to pay close attention to all dates printed on the ticket. Neglecting to enter a plea by the deadline or missing a scheduled court appearance can lead to additional fines, a warrant for your arrest, or driver’s license suspension. 

Go to trial

If the court determines you must attend a pre-trial, you (
or your attorney
) and a Wyoming state attorney will attempt to negotiate a plea agreement. If an agreement can’t be reached, you will have to return for trial. 
After presenting your case at trial, the judge will issue a verdict. 
If you’re found not guilty and win your case, here is what you can expect:
  • Ticket dismissal
  • No penalties or fines
  • Insurance rates remain the same
If you’re found guilty, however, you could experience the following penalties:
  • Fines
  • Community service
  • Defensive driving courses
  • Loss of driving privileges 
  • Jail time

Will a speeding ticket increase your insurance? 

If you are found guilty, a speeding ticket will increase your insurance rates. On average, you can expect your rate to go up by about 32% after getting a speeding ticket in Wyoming. 
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It is possible to lose your license for a speeding ticket in Wyoming, but it’s not easy. 
Wyoming does not use a points system to suspend or revoke licenses. Instead, two speeding offenses within one year require the driver to attend a driving course. Three or more moving violations within one year results in a 90-day license suspension, and an additional 90 days for each subsequent conviction.
If you have proof that you weren’t speeding, it is certainly worth a try to fight your ticket. If you don’t have evidence to back up your claim, however, then it may end up costing you legal fees and other inconveniences that far outweigh the original ticket fine.
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