Where to Find a Toyota Rav4 Spare Tire

You can find a Toyota Rav4 spare tire underneath the liftgate of your car, where it’s stored in the floor.
Written by Katherine Duffy
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
You can find the spare tire of a Toyota Rav4 in the floor of your trunk unless you have a sport model. Toyota Rav4 Sports are equipped with run-flat spare tires instead. 
Toyota Rav4
is the perfect family-on-the-go vehicle, from dropping the kids off at hockey practice to picking up groceries or even going on a camping trip. At an affordable starting price of just $26,525, the Rav4 is fuel-efficient, sporty, and an incredibly versatile SUV. 
Plus, the Toyota Rav4 comes equipped with a spare tire so you’re prepared for anything each time you drive it. 
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comparison and shopping. Read on to understand everything you need to know about the Toyota Rav4 spare tire! 

Is there a spare in a Toyota Rav4? 

If you’re looking for a spare tire in a Toyota Rav4, you’re in luck! The Toyota Rav4 does come equipped with a spare tire. If you have a
Toyota Rav4 Sport
, you’ll have run-flat tires instead of a spare. 
You’ll locate the Toyota Rav4 spare tire underneath the rear liftgate in the floor of your car’s trunk to maximize cabin space. Here’s what you’ll have to do to access the spare: 
  • Open the rear liftgate. Look for a looped tab in the middle of the floor next to the opening.
  • Pull the floor up by the looped tab to reveal the spare tire
  • You should find a tire jack in the center of the tire and a tool bag to its side. Lift the tire out of the floor to access the plastic retaining bolt, which can be unscrewed by hand. 
If you have a Rav4 Sport, your car should be equipped with run-flat tires. These tires can be driven on for a short while—about 50 miles—after your tire has been punctured. You won’t need to change your tire on the side of the road, but you should get your car to a repair shop as soon as possible to replace the punctured tire. 
Jerry sends free alerts to keep your car up-to-date so you can avoid costly repairs
* checking your rate won’t affect your credit score
Get ahead of my car maintenance
* checking your rate won’t affect your credit score

How to use the spare tire on a Toyota Rav4

If you get a flat tire while driving a Toyota Rav4, remain calm and pull over to the shoulder of the road, out of traffic. Then follow these simple steps to remove the flat and replace it with the spare tire: 
  • Turn the ignition off, turn your hazard lights on, and apply the parking brake to prevent your car from rolling while you replace the tire. 
  • If you have wheel wedges, apply these to the front and rear wheels to further prevent your car from rolling while changing the tire. If you don’t have wedges, find large stones or even bricks to put in front of your front tires and behind your rear tires. This should prevent the car from moving. 
  • Use the car tire jack to jack the car up. Use the wheel wrench in the tool kit to loosen the lug nuts and remove the flat tire. 
  • Remove the spare from underneath the floor and slide it onto the axle. Tighten the lug nuts in a star pattern so that the tire’s snugly attached. You can tighten them by hand but you should use the wrench to check that each lug nut is secure. 
  • Lower your car and double-check that the lug nuts are tight once the spare is in contact with the ground. If so, stow your jack and tool kit and drive safely to a repair shop
The Toyota Rav4 spare will get you to a closeby repair shop, butit’s not designed for long-distance drives and should be swapped with a proper tire for regular use. 

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The Toyota Rav4 spare tire is located underneath the rear liftgate, or in the floor of your car’s trunk.
To remove the spare tire, you just need to open the liftgate and use the pull tab to pull the floor up. You’ll find the spare tire, a tire jack, and a tool kit. Simply pull the tire off to access the spare.
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