What Does the Engine Code P0A80 Mean?

If your car shows the P0A80 engine code, there is a problem with the hybrid battery pack. A diagnosis can determine whether the battery pack needs replacing.
Written by Mary Cahill
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
If your car is showing the P0A80 engine code, there is a problem with the hybrid battery pack in your hybrid vehicle. A mechanic can diagnose your vehicle to determine whether the hybrid battery pack needs to be replaced. 
Diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) help you identify a specific issue with your vehicle. Do not ignore your check engine light if it comes on. Instead, an OBD-II code reader can be used to find out exactly what’s causing the problem so that it can be fixed.
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What does the engine code P0A80 mean?  

Definition: Replace hybrid battery pack
The P0A80 engine code refers to the functionality of the hybrid battery assembly or hybrid vehicle battery management system. Hybrid cars operate with a battery pack that consists of multiple batteries linked together. If the powertrain control module detects a malfunction with one or more cells of the battery pack, your
check engine light
will most likely turn on. 

How much will it cost to fix?

The cost of a mechanic diagnosing the code is one hour of labor. Mechanic labor costs vary by region, but you can anticipate a charge of $75 to $150
Replacing the hybrid battery with a brand-new one is a huge expense. A quote for a replacement hybrid battery on a
Toyota Prius
can be as much as $3,200—and there’s a chance your vehicle isn’t even worth that much if you’ve had it for several years. 

What can cause the P0A80 engine code? 

Hybrid vehicles use nickel-metal hydride battery packs. Problems within the battery pack that trigger the P0A80 engine code may include:
  • Battery cell temperature or voltage inconsistencies
  • High-voltage battery assembly failure 
  • Hybrid vehicle battery management system sensor failure
  • Battery, cell, or battery pack defect
  • Battery pack fan malfunction
  • Battery connectors or cables that are loose, broken, or corroded

Common symptoms of the P0A80 engine code

In addition to the check engine light illuminating on your dashboard, other common symptoms of hybrid battery issues are:
  • Decreased fuel efficiency 
  • Diminished vehicle performance 
  • Deactivated electric propulsion system 
  • Additional hybrid vehicle battery-related DTCs
  • Failed emissions test

How serious is the P0A80 engine code?

The P0A80 engine code indicates a major malfunction of the hybrid battery. You should have your vehicle diagnosed right away. Failure to address this DTC may result in a permanently disabled battery. 
A P0A80 engine code will also result in a failed emissions test, so it’s an especially good idea to fix the problem if your state requires regular smog checks. 
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Can I fix the P0A80 engine code myself?

If you notice corrosion or loose wiring on the battery, this is probably the reason for the P0A80 engine code. It’s possible to repair these components yourself if you have the mechanical know-how. Otherwise, a professional mechanic can certainly perform the
car repair
But keep in mind that repair is not always a successful long-term solution. 
There are between 28 to 34 cells inside the hybrid battery. It only takes a few of them failing to trigger the P0A80 code because it causes inconsistencies in the battery’s voltage. If you fix the failing cells, this should clear the code—but it also may be a temporary fix. 
Imbalances in cell voltage due to partial fixes can cause cells to continue to fail at different rates, and you may end up having to replace cells several times over. 

Replacing the hybrid battery

The good news is if you can’t repair the issue and truly need a hybrid battery replacement, you probably don’t need a brand-new battery. Having your damaged hybrid
battery reconditioned
at an auto body shop can be a more affordable option.
A mechanic will inspect, balance, and test the battery packs to determine exactly which ones require the replacement cells. Professional reconditioning of a hybrid battery will cost between $750 and $1,500
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