Volvo XC90 Tire Pressure

Recent years of the Volvo XC90 require 38 psi in both the front and rear set of tires.
Written by Abbey Orzech
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
Volvo recommends keeping your Volvo XC90 front and rear tires at 38 pounds per square inch (psi). 
Maintaining the proper air pressure in your vehicle’s tires extends the lifetime of your tires’ treads and creates a safer driving experience. With too much or too little air in your tires, you could see reduced gas mileage, poor handling and braking, and a higher risk of blowing a tire. 
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What is the right tire pressure for a Volvo XC90?

The recommended tire pressure for both the front and rear tires of the Volvo XC90 is 38 psi. It’s always a good idea to confirm the correct tire pressure, though—check inside the owner’s manual or the sticker on the inside of your driver’s seat door frame for the manufacturer’s recommendation. 
While most models require 38 psi in each tire, the Volvo XC90 R-Design trim generally designates 36 psi for both the front and rear tires. And if you’re rolling with a Volvo XC90 from 2015 or earlier, your recommended tire pressure could land anywhere between 36 and 39 psi
The type of wheels your car sits on may affect the desired tire pressure, too. Specialty tires like touring tires or summer tires could have different pressure specifications than regular all-season tires. Always be sure to confirm the recommended tire pressure for whatever set of wheels you have.

Tire pressure recommendations for other Volvo vehicles

Front tire pressure
Rear tire pressure
2022 Volvo XC60
35 psi
35 psi
2022 Volvo XC40
33 psi
33 psi
2022 Volvo S60
36 psi
36 psi

How to check Volvo XC90 tire pressure

If you think your Volvo XC90 tire pressure is low or you just want to make sure you’re rolling with properly inflated wheels, you can check your tire pressure at home. If you have a newer model of Volvo, you may have a tire pressure display on the vehicle’s infotainment screen. For these cars, you’ll typically be alerted to low tire pressure by the vehicle’s monitoring system. 
If your Volvo does not have all that fancy technology, don’t worry—checking the tire pressure is still a simple process. However, you will need a
tire pressure gauge
for this method, which you can pick up at any auto supply shop. 
The best time to check your Volvo’s tire pressure is in the morning when temperatures are cooler and before you’ve driven to prevent an inaccurate reading from heat buildup in your tires. 
Uncap the fill stem on each tire and push the pressure gauge onto the fill stem. If the pressure reading that shows up is below your recommended psi, your tires need air. If the gauge reads higher, you’ll want to remove air until it reaches the recommended pressure. 
Your vehicle’s performance could also signal to you that the tire pressure is off. Decreased gas mileage, any pulling to one side, or increased difficulty when braking could be telling of wonky air pressure. 

How often should you check tire pressure?

You should check your car’s tire pressure monthly and before long trips. Be sure to check it in the morning before you’ve driven for the most accurate reading.

How to tell if your Volvo XC90 needs new tires

In general, tires should be swapped for new ones about every six years. However, climates with extreme heat or other abrasive driving conditions can lead to excessive tire wear and may warrant changing your tires more often. 
It’s important to keep an eye on the quality of your tires all the time, though. Take note of any cracking or bulging or overly worn-out tread and make an appointment to swap your tires as soon as you can. 
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How to reset the Volvo XC90 tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) light

Most modern vehicles have automatic tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) that will alert you when something is off with your tires. It’s not uncommon for the TPMS light to illuminate as the weather changes, and changing outside temperatures affect your tire pressure, too. However, it could also signal a bigger issue.
Check your tire pressure and adjust as needed, then go for a quick drive. The TPMS in your Volvo XC90 should turn off once the vehicle’s tire sensors have a chance to
Unfortunately, that doesn’t always work, and some drivers are still left with an illuminated TPMS warning light. If your XC90’s tire sensors aren’t responding to the change in tire pressure, stop by or make an appointment at your local Volvo service center for diagnosis and correction. 

How to save on Volvo XC90 insurance

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