Everything You Need To Know About Tire Rotation

Regular tire rotation is an important part of getting the most out of your tires. The process does not take long and it is relatively cheap for car maintenance.
Written by Patrick Price
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
Regular tire rotation is an essential part of routine car maintenance. During this procedure, a mechanic will remove your tires, rotate their positions on your car, and reattach them. This ensures that wear and tear on your tires is evenly distributed. 
A lot of drivers don’t often think about the importance of getting their tires rotated—it’s an easily overlooked bit of maintenance. But this quick and simple procedure is vital to ensuring optimum tire traction and reducing the risk of blowouts. 
A tire rotation usually only takes about 15 minutes and costs $25-$50. In this
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What is tire rotation?

As the name suggests, tire rotation is the periodic changing of the position of your vehicle’s tires. A mechanic will lift your car, remove the tires, and then reattach them at a different location on your car. Usually, front tires will be moved to the rear axle and rear wheels will be switched to the front axle
Rotating your tires ensures that they wear down evenly. This helps to maximize the traction that your tires get while driving. It also provides a good opportunity to inspect your tires for damage and rebalance them if necessary. 

How often to rotate your tires

Typically, you should have your tires rotated every 5,000-7,500 miles or every six months—whichever comes first. Some vehicle manufacturers will recommend more frequent rotation. Check your vehicle owner’s manual for the manufacturer's recommendation. If they suggest rotating your tires more often, it’s best to do so. 
Some drivers simply have their tires rotated whenever they get their oil changed—this is a good way to make sure you don’t forget to stay up-to-date on rotations. 

How long does it take to rotate tires?

Tire rotation is a pretty quick procedure. It usually only takes about 15 minutes. Of course, it will depend on the mechanic you use. It’s not uncommon for a tire rotation to take up to 45 minutes in some cases. If the mechanic is especially busy, it could take as long as two hours, though this is rare. 

Why is tire rotation important?

Tire rotation is important for a variety of reasons—primarily, it ensures wear and tear is spread out evenly across all of your tires. Tire rotation is also important for the following reasons:
  • It maximizes your tire’s lifespan
  • It keeps the tread depth uniform across all tires, ensuring peak traction performance
  • It lowers the stress on your drivetrain
  • It minimizes the risk of tire damage and blowouts
If you neglect your routine tire rotation, your tires will not wear down evenly. This will lead to rougher handling and unstable driving on certain surfaces. It also will increase your car’s heat buildup and decrease your car’s traction—which can lead to hydroplaning. Your tires will also be at a greater risk of damages, punctures, and blowouts
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Does car insurance cover tire rotation?

Traditionally, car insurance does not cover the cost of tire rotation because tire rotation is considered routine maintenance—making it the driver’s financial responsibility. 
For tire rotation coverage, you would need to have a tire warranty or specialized tire insurance, which can be purchased separately from your normal insurance from some providers. 
Of course, every car insurance policy is different and you should check the terms of your policy to be sure. Some
comprehensive car insurance
collision insurance
policies may cover the cost of tire rotation if the rotation is needed as the result of a covered event. 

How to find affordable car insurance

While routine car maintenance such as tire rotation won’t typically be covered by
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, many other types of car-related expenses are covered. Keeping your car properly insured is critical to maintaining your vehicle and maximizing its lifespan. 
Unfortunately, most drivers (about 62%) end up way overpaying for their car insurance coverage. This is because they overlook another critical aspect of routine car care—regularly reviewing their policy.
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