How to Upgrade Your Jeep Sound System

Jeeps are great for many things, but their sound systems may not be one of them—here’s how to upgrade your Jeep’s audio.
Written by Abbey Orzech
Reviewed by Claire Beaney
In most base Jeep trims, the standard sound system comes with six speakers and no subwoofer. If you’re looking to upgrade that audio system, you should start with speaker replacements and an amplifier installation. 
Sure, you can Go Anywhere and Do Anything with your Jeep and feel confident in its sturdy capabilities. Jeep owners know that Jeep ownership is a way of life, and many of them are used to getting up close and personal with their vehicle’s systems. But if there is one area (outside of city driving) where a Jeep’s system may not shine, it’s in the stereo setup. 
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What kind of sound system does a Jeep have?

The type of sound system present in your Jeep will depend on the model and trim level you have. Here are comparisons for some of the most popular Jeep models and their standard and premium trim levels:
  • Jeep Renegade
    standard: Six speakers 
  • Jeep Renegade premium: Nine speakers and a subwoofer 
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee
    standard: Six speakers 
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee premium: Nine speakers 
  • Jeep Wrangler
    standard: Eight speakers 
  • Jeep Wrangler premium: Nine speakers and a subwoofer 
  • Jeep Compass
    standard: Six speakers 
  • Jeep Compass premium: Nine speakers
Across the different trims of these and other Jeep models, you’ll also see options for different media compatibility. Bluetooth, USB ports, aux ports, satellite radio, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto could all be included in your sound system. 
It won’t affect the actual sound quality by much noticeable measure whether you’re playing music via Bluetooth or a USB port, but the added connectivity options can make all the difference in your user experience. Maybe you’re satisfied with the nine-speaker, subwoofer sound system with Apple CarPlay compatibility that comes in some of the higher Jeep Wrangler trims! But if not, let’s talk about upgrade options. 

How to upgrade a Jeep sound system

The actual types of upgrades you’ll need for your Jeep stereo setup depend on what’s already there. If you already have a subwoofer, you might just be looking for an amplifier and some upgraded speakers! Perhaps you’re ready to scrap the entire system and start fresh with all new equipment. In any case, Jeep sound system upgrades should focus on three things: new speakers, subwoofers, and an amplifier. 

Start with speaker upgrades

Starting with speaker upgrades could be a one-and-done solution to improving the sound system in a Jeep. Swapping the factory-placed speakers for some of a potentially higher caliber could totally transform the way you hear your media. 
Keep in mind, though, that a new set of speakers can get expensive. It may also be necessary to hire a professional for the installation since it will involve electrical work and potentially complex wiring harnesses. 
Not every new speaker will end up being super pricey and the cost you’re faced with will depend on the level of upgrading you want. Swapping your entire OEM sound system for new stuff will obviously be much more expensive than just replacing the front dash speakers. 
Check out these popular aftermarket speakers and speaker sets that could give you an idea of what you need:

Pump up the bass with a subwoofer

Subwoofers are usually installed in a Jeep’s trunk or underside of the rear seat and can add a noticeable punch to whatever you’re listening to. It will probably be worth it to look into weather-resistant enclosures for whatever sub you decide on, especially if you’re an off-roading Jeep owner (as if there’s any other kind). 
Some Jeep models will come with their own subwoofer—the
Alpine SBV-10-WRA
for example—and these tend to hold their own pretty well But if you’re looking for some stellar aftermarket kicks, check out the capable and clear
MTX Audio TNP212DV subwoofer
and similar options.

What’s the difference between a 4-ohm subwoofer and a 2-ohm sub? 

Undoubtedly, you’ll come across “4-ohm subwoofers” and “2-ohm subwoofers” while you’re shopping and you might wonder if one is better than the other. Truthfully, the one that will be better for you depends on your taste. 2-ohm subs produce a louder, punchier sound, and 4-ohm subs give you deeper, clearer audio.

Boost the power with an amplifier

If you suspect the lackluster of your sound system could be corrected if only it had a bit more power behind it, then an amplifier will be for you. 
Installing a quality amp will help your stereo deliver more powerful sound than just speakers and subwoofer alone. But pair those with an amplifier and you’ll be rocking through the trails in disbelief that you’ve never heard music like this before. 
Alpine parts are especially popular with Jeep owners, so you may wish to consider the
Alpine S-A32F Amplifier
in your amp hunt. 

How to protect your Jeep sound system—and save on insurance!

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On many Jeeps, the premium audio systems are Alpine sound systems.
This depends on what Jeep model and trim level you’re referring to! The premium trims for a Jeep Wrangler get nine speakers and a subwoofer, but the premium trims for a Jeep Grand Cherokee have just nine speakers and no subwoofer.
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