Tesla Cybertruck Battery Size

Tesla teased the Cybertruck’s release in 2019, and production is poised to take off in 2023. Here’s what we know about its battery pack.
Written by Sarah Gray
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
Though we’re still waiting on final confirmation, current reports suggest the Tesla Cybertruck will feature a 200.0 kWh battery regardless of trim. Tesla claims the new truck will feature distances from 250 to over 500 miles.
The new Tesla Cybertruck looks like it was left here by an alien race—and that’s sort of the point, according to Tesla founder, Elon Musk. It’s not supposed to look like anything you’ve seen before since it’s not like any vehicle that’s been available before. With the power of a truck and the performance of a sports car, the Tesla Cybertruck is poised to take the pickup world by storm in early 2023.
If you’re like most of us, you can’t wait for Musk to confirm the final specs for the new Tesla Cybertruck’s battery, so
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How big is a Tesla Cybertruck battery? 

Rumors and speculation are all we have to go on when it comes to the Tesla Cyberruck’s battery size. What we do know is that the truck is now set to be released in single-, dual-, tri-, and possibly even quad-motor variants
Some speculate the truck will carry the same battery pack in all models. However, with ranges as low as 250 and as high as 500+ miles, it’s more likely there will be at least two battery sizes.
If you believe the rumors (and with nothing else to go on, we kind of have to) the 2023 tri-motor Cybertruck will feature a 200 to 250 kWh battery. If this is true, the Cybertruck’s battery will be twice as large as any battery pack Tesla has yet produced. While rumors also circulate of a smaller 100 kWh battery for the truck, the larger pack is more likely to be able to accommodate Tesla’s reported range of over 500 miles.
While this spec is still up in the air, we do know that every new Cybertruck will come with a 250-kW charging cable, giving it access to Tesla’s vast Supercharger network.

Tesla Cybertruck battery, range, and charging specs

If you’re among the thousands who’ve placed preorders for a Cybertruck—or if you’re like the rest of us who are just curious—you’re probably wondering what the range and charging specs will look like for the Cybertruck’s various trims. While we can’t say for sure, the table below represents what you may be able to expect when it comes to Cybertruck battery packs. 
For our estimates, we’ve assumed the Single- and Dual-motor models will be outfitted with the same 100-kWh battery currently powering the Tesla Model S. The Tri-motor and rumored Quad-motor variants would likely feature the 200- to 250-kWh pack. Remember, these are just estimates!
Battery capacity
Charging time @ 240V
100 kWh
250 mi
8.5 to 12 hrs
100 kWh
300 mi
8.5 to 12 hrs
200-250 kWh
500 mi
8.5 to 12 hrs
200-250 kWh
500+ mi
8.5 to 12 hrs
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How does the Cybertruck’s battery measure up to the competition?

We doubt anyone could have predicted that Ford would beat Tesla to the mat with an electric truck, but that’s where we find ourselves. When (or if) the Cybertruck finally hits the market, it will have several established rivals to contend with. Based on the little we know, let’s see how it might measure up in terms of battery size.
Battery capacity
Maximum range
2023 Tesla Cybertruck
100 or 200-250 kWh
500+ mi
2022 Rivian RIT
128.9 kWh
314 mi
Ford F-150
98 kWh or 131 kWh
320 mi
If Musk’s spokespeople are to be believed, the Tesla Cybertruck will have no trouble taking on the likes of Rivian and Ford. However, plenty of new electric trucks are already on the horizon from automakers like Chevrolet, GMC, Toyota, and others. 
Tesla may have started the EV trend for cars, but they’re already behind the game on trucks. With continued production delays, many are starting to wonder if the Cybertruck will ever leave the realm of futuristic fancy and hit the actual road.

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