What is a wipers are not working inspection?

It’s stressful and unsafe when you cannot see through your windshield while driving. If your wipers are not working, you may need an inspection to determine the source of the problem. A mechanic will take a look at each of the components of your windshield wiper system, figure out the problem, and make the necessary repairs.

How to get an inspection if your wipers are not working

Call a repair shop and explain that your windshield wipers have a problem. Describe how well they move and if you can hear the motor running. Don’t worry if you’re unsure.
Ask for a mechanic to conduct a wiper system inspection. During this process, the mechanic may take a look at the following components:
  • Wiper controls: If your wiper control switch is busted, you will never get your wipers to work—even if they’re in perfect condition. A mechanic may check to ensure that the switch is functional.
  • Fuses: Fuses provide overcurrent protection. If you have a blown fuse, no electricity can travel to the wiper motor. If your wipers are not moving at all, you may have a blown fuse.
  • Wiper motor: A faulty motor can prevent the wipers from moving well. If they are slow or if they don’t move at all, it could be a problem with the motor. The wipers must be removed to reach the motor.
  • Arm and pivot point: The wipers are connected to the motor via mechanical parts that can wear out over time. If you hear the motor running but the wipers don’t move, it could be a problem with the arm or pivot point.

How do I know if I need to get an inspection?

If your wipers are not functioning smoothly, you need to get an inspection. Sluggish behavior, erratic movement, and no movement at all could be indicators of a problem. To sum up, if the behavior of your windshield wipers is unpredictable, get an inspection.

How important is an inspection if my wipers are not working?

It’s very important to get this problem assessed by a trained mechanic. It may not seem like a big deal, and your vehicle certainly won’t explode due to malfunctioning wipers, but how can you drive carefully if you cannot reliably see through the windshield?
Book an appointment at the first sign of misbehaving wipers.

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