What is a windshield washer reservoir replacement service?

The windshield washer reservoir is a 1 to 1.5-gallon plastic container that holds the cleaning fluid that gets sprayed onto your windshield. The fluid is responsible for removing all kinds of dirt and grime and ensures that you can see the road ahead of you.
In this service, the cracked or broken windshield reservoir is removed from your vehicle and replaced with a new one. A windshield reservoir replacement is, thankfully, one of the easier parts of your car’s routine maintenance.
If you choose to replace it yourself, a new reservoir part can cost you anywhere from $5 to upwards of $110. Naturally, this will depend on your car’s model and make—a brand new Porsche’s reservoir will cost you more than an older Camry’s.
Going to a mechanic can cost you even more, anywhere from $110 to $230 for the part and labor.

How do I know when to replace it?

Common symptoms of a broken windshield washer reservoir include:
  • Low or no pressure when activating the windshield washers
  • Having to refill the reservoir more than usual
  • Wiper fluid leakage underneath your vehicle
Frozen washer fluid is one of the leading causes of cracks and damage to the windshield washer reservoir. Different washer fluids are recommended for different seasons, so before replacing and refilling, make sure you’ve got the right season’s fluid!

How is the windshield washer reservoir replaced?

The good news is that a windshield washer reservoir is easy to replace. So easy you can even do it yourself! Here’s how:
  • Open your vehicle hood
  • Unbolt and remove the reservoir from the inner fender
  • Clean and flush out the washer lines
  • Connect and install the new reservoir
  • Fill the new reservoir with washer fluid
Afterward, flick your wiper blades and washers to make sure you’re getting a strong spray of cleaning fluid. The result should be a crystal clear windshield!

How important is it to replace the windshield washer reservoir?

You need to see clearly to drive safely, so having a functional windshield washer reservoir is pretty important!
It is especially important if you’re in a colder climate or driving on a lot of dirt roads. The wiper blades alone are not enough to clean the windshield—you need a functional windshield washer reservoir to make sure the front window is thoroughly clean.

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