What is a windows inspection service?

Your car’s power window system is made up of a motor, wiring, a regulator, and a fuse. When your window is functioning poorly or stops working altogether, you’ll need to consult a mechanic for an inspection.
A mechanic will inspect the windows by removing the car door panel and examining the components of the window system. Issues with car windows can be the result of a few issues.

Bad relay switch or blown fuse

If none of your power windows are working, a blown fuse or bad relay switch is likely to blame. Inspecting the relay and fuses is an exact science best left to a professional mechanic. Pulling fuses carelessly could damage other running systems in your car.

Faulty wiring

The wiring of the window system feeds the power from the motor to the window switch. A short in the wiring will cause the window to stop working. By using specialty diagnostic tools, a mechanic will be able to locate any wiring problems.

Worn out window switch

The majority of vehicles today have power windows—and the window switch gets a lot of use. Over time, the contacts in the switch wear out, preventing power from going to the window’s motor. If this is the case, the window will not move up or down.

Malfunctioning window regulator

The window regulator is responsible for converting the motor’s rotation into vertical movement of the windowpane. A regulator gets worn out over time and may stop working. In this case, you’ll hear the motor run as you press the window switch, but the window won’t budge.
A mechanic will examine both the motor and regulator to determine which one is causing your window woes.

Broken manual window regulator

Manual windows—which are rapidly being replaced by power windows—also use a regulator. When a manual regulator is broken, you’ll notice the window tilt sideways due to the wheels on the end of the regulator being damaged.

Burned out window motor

When you press the window switch and the window remains stuck, the motor has likely burned out or broken completely. Power windows rely on the motor to move up and down. A burned-out motor will need to be replaced.

Malfunctioning motor

Often, a malfunctioning or dying window motor will make a whirring sound. You’ll notice your window going up and down much more slowly and eventually it will stop moving altogether.
An inspector will be able to tell you if the motor can be repaired or if you’re better off getting a new one.

Broken window track guides

Both manual and power window systems have track guides to keep each windowpane in line as the motor or manual handle moves it up or down. A pane that gets off track fails to move at the press of the switch or turn of the handle.
Off-track windowpanes move slowly and make a rattling sound until eventually, they fall inside the door.

How important is a windows inspection?

Windows that don’t work properly don’t necessarily make your car unsafe to drive—but it’s still worth getting an inspection to take care of any problems you may have.
The power window system is key to helping you control cabin temperature, prevent weather elements from damaging the interior, and secure any valuables that may be in the car.

Tips for getting a windows inspection

Contact a mechanic

Your car’s window system is quite simple, but inspecting it does require the removal of the door panel to get a closer look at the system’s components. Contact an auto body shop that comes personally recommended or an inspector with positive reviews online.

Double-check your warranty

Typically, cars that were purchased through a dealership come with a time-sensitive warranty. Double-check if your warranty has expired. If it hasn’t, any repairs to your power window system may be done by the dealership at no cost to you.

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