What is a ‘washer fluid does not spray onto windshield’ inspection?

During a “washer fluid does not spray onto windshield” inspection, your mechanic will examine the windshield washer system to figure out why the washer fluid isn’t properly spraying. This will involve looking at several systems to see where the problem lies.
The first and most obvious thing they’ll inspect—something you can easily check yourself, actually—is the washer fluid level. You can very easily buy windshield washer fluid and fill this up yourself. But if it does have fluid, this inspection will be needed.
Windshield washer systems are fairly straightforward. There’s a reservoir of fluid and an electric washer fluid pump that sends the fluid through a series of tubes that connect to the washer jets, which then spray the liquid onto your windshield.
More often than not, the culprit will be a simple blockage of those aforementioned washer jets or a blockage or leak in one of the tubes. It’s a cheap fix if that’s the case—you’re paying mostly for labor, and replacing the tube barely costs a dollar or two.
But if it’s not a blockage or a leak, it’s most likely the washer fluid pump. If that’s the case, you’re looking at a repair bill of $50 to $125 or thereabouts, usually closer to $80 to $100.

How a ‘washer fluid does not spray onto windshield’ inspection is performed

Here’s what your mechanic will do when trying to assess why your windshield washer fluid isn’t spraying:
  • Check the windshield washer fluid level to make sure there’s fluid to spray
  • Inspect the washer jets to see if they’re dirty, obstructed, or damaged. Sometimes, it might be as simple as cleaning away some debris, mud, or other gunk from the jets
  • Inspect the washer fluid tubes for blockages and leaks
  • Inspect the washer fluid pump to make sure it’s functioning properly
Pro Tip: If the problem is that your windshield washer jets are spraying but at the wrong angle, you can very easily adjust them yourself at home by gently nudging the jets in the correct direction using something small and pointy.

Do I need a ‘washer fluid does not spray onto windshield’ inspection?

It’s unsafe to drive without functional windshield washers. The sudden loss of visibility can put you and other drivers at risk.
The good news is that your windshield washer system is possibly the very cheapest safety feature to fix in your whole car. Though that’s all relative of course depending on your current financial situation.
Getting the washer fluid pump repaired will be the most expensive potential repair, costing as much as $125. If they’re charging you more than that, get a second opinion.

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