What is a valve cover gasket is leaking inspection?

When a mechanic performs a leaking valve cover gasket inspection, they will do a thorough once-over of the gasket to determine if it’s the source of the engine oil leak.
The valve cover gasket sits on the top of the engine. While being a small part when compared to other components in a car’s engine, the gasket plays an important role in sealing oil within the engine.
Just like all car parts, valve cover gaskets wear out over time. Though they may not seem to be put through much wear and tear, the immense heat they’re exposed to can cause them to crack. When this happens, it needs to be replaced before too much oil is allowed to escape from the engine.
It is possible for you to replace an old gasket at home. If the gasket is not the cause of an engine oil leak you’re experiencing, though, you’ll have to take your vehicle to a mechanic right away.

How to get your leaking valve cover gasket inspected

Inspecting a valve cover gasket is a quick way to rule out one possible source of an engine oil leak.
A mechanic will inspect your valve cover gasket by opening the hood of your car and finding the valve cover gasket at the top of the engine.
They will inspect it for signs of damage or cracks. If it needs to be replaced, they will purchase and install the new part without much trouble.
If they do not see signs of damage on the gasket or evidence of oil leaks around it, then that means the car is leaking engine oil from a different part and they will have to properly diagnose the source of the leak.

When do I need to get a leaking valve cover gasket inspected?

Allowing this problem to continue will risk serious damage to your engine. Engine oil leaking from any part of your car is a major issue.
Without the proper amount of oil, an engine will be prone to excessive wear and overheating.

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