What is a vacuum brake booster check valve replacement?

If your vacuum brake booster check valve does not properly execute its job to maintain a vacuum in your brake booster, you will likely need a mechanic to replace this part.
The vacuum brake booster check valve expels air that is trapped inside the brake booster. This helps maintain a vacuum in the brake booster, release pressure in the brake booster, and keep air out of the brake lines and master cylinder.

How does a mechanic replace my vacuum brake booster check valve?

After parking your car and opening up your hood to locate the brake booster, your mechanic will remove the vacuum hose and the check valve. Then, she will likely perform a test by blowing air with an aspirator bulb into the hose. She will know the brake booster check valve is leaking if air enters the hose.
After going through this process to verify a faulty booster check valve, your mechanic will remove the check valve and replace it with a new one. She’ll end by testing your brakes to ensure proper installation and operation of the new check valve.

How do I know my brake booster check valve needs to be replaced?

It might be difficult to tell whether your booster check valve is malfunctioning, but here are some common symptoms:
  • Your brake pedal is difficult to press
  • Your brake pedal is easy to press at first but then gets hard
  • Your brake pedal feels spongy when pressed

Is it important to have my faulty vacuum brake booster check valve replaced?

A faulty brake booster check valve is not an emergency situation, but it should be fixed as soon as reasonably possible. Braking will be more difficult and may take longer than usual, which is a safety concern.
Vacuum brake boosters help give your brakes extra power when braking. In short, they supply a power assist to the brake master cylinder and improve the effectiveness of your braking system.
The vacuum brake booster also ensures that you are able to engage your brakes multiple times or during frequent stops—it ensures the safety of your car and the usability of your braking system.

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