What is an uneven tire wear inspection?

During an uneven tire wear inspection, a mechanic will take a look at where the tires are experiencing excessive wear, the pressure inside the tires, and the alignment of the vehicle.
A set of tires is what makes a car a car. They propel us down the road, allow us to travel through rain and snow, and bring us safely to a stop. As a result of all that work, expect to change your tires more than a few times in your life.
Anywhere a tire touches the road’s surface is exposed to friction—and a lot of it. Just like the eraser on a pencil, the friction your tires generate while moving will eventually grind them away. This is normal and expected, but it can become a problem when certain tires or areas of a tire begin to wear away more quickly than others.
If caught early, fixing the cause of the problem can extend the lifespan of your tires. If the tires have already worn significantly, though, they’ll need to be replaced.

How to repair uneven tire wear

Fixing the cause of uneven tire wear is something you can do at home, with a little time and effort; however, if the problem lies in your car’s alignment, you’ll need to take your vehicle to a professional mechanic.
If you want to try your hand at fixing your tire problem, follow these steps:
  • Check the inflation of your tires—add or remove air until the pounds per square inch (PSI) match the recommended PSI listed on the side of the tire
  • Rotate the tires—rotate the tires front to back and side to side
If your tires continue to wear unevenly, you likely have a problem with your car’s alignment. Take your vehicle to a mechanic to have the problem resolved.

When do I need to get uneven tire wear inspected?

Your tires wearing unevenly may seem like a minor problem, but it can cost you a lot in the long run.
Uneven tire wear will force you to replace your tires sooner and more frequently than you otherwise would. Replacing a single set of tires can easily cost a few hundred dollars, so the expenses will build up quickly over time.
Along with that, uneven tires mean an uneven grip on the road’s surface. That can be unsafe in the best of conditions and dangerous during rain or snow.
Fix the problem yourself or take your car to a mechanic soon to extend the life of your tires and keep yourself safe.

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