What is a trunk lock actuator replacement?

In this service, a mechanic will replace your trunk lock actuator. Trunk lock actuators are a key part of a convenient power trunk release system. The actuator is the motor that triggers the trunk latch to release, opening the trunk through the release buttons on the car or key fob.
To test if the actuator is the problem, try to open your trunk using your key fob and all the release buttons on the vehicle. If it is the actuator, you’ll only be able to open your trunk with a manual key in the lock.
The issue could also be a wiring problem or burnt fuse that mimics the symptoms of a faulty trunk lock actuator. The only solution—other than relying solely on a manual key—is to have the actuator replaced.

How to replace your trunk lock actuator

When replacing a trunk lock actuator, the mechanic will typically follow this process:
  • The trunk lock actuator is determined to be faulty
  • The inner trunk trim panel is removed
  • The broken lock actuator is removed
  • The new trunk lock actuator is installed
  • The trunk lock actuator is tested for operation and trim panels are reinstalled
  • The trunk lid and latch are tested by opening and closing the trunk

When do I need to get my trunk lock actuator replaced?

Since the trunk lock actuator is part of a convenient power trunk release system, it’s not crucial to replace it immediately. You can still open the trunk with a manual key lock cylinder, so it is fine if you wait to replace the lock actuator at your own convenience.

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