What is a trunk lift support shock replacement?

When a mechanic provides a trunk lift support shocks replacement service, they will remove the faulty shock and install a new one.
Trunk lift support shocks are the mechanism that keeps the trunk opening and closing easily. They are gas-filled cylinders that put pressure on the bottom of the trunk lid, assisting the trunk lid to open fully and stay in place while the trunk is open.
The trunk support shocks also help the trunk close slowly so that it doesn’t slam or fall down. If the trunk doesn’t open easily, stay open, or if it drops heavily when closing, the lift support shocks are probably weak.

How to replace your trunk lift support shocks

When replacing your trunk lift support shocks, the mechanic will usually go by the following process:
  • The faulty trunk lift support shock is identified
  • The defective support shock is removed while the trunk is manually kept open
  • The new trunk lift support shock is installed
  • The trunk is inspected—including opening and closing—for proper functioning
Since trunk support shocks are gas-charged, it’s recommended to have a professional mechanic replace them. Any puncture or damage from the shocks can cause injury or death.

When do I need to get my trunk lift support shocks replaced?

A faulty trunk lift support shock may not seem like a big deal, but a falling trunk lid could be dangerous. A falling trunk lid could cause bodily harm, so it should be replaced as soon as you notice any dysfunction.

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