What is a trunk latch release cable replacement? 

This service means that your mechanic is installing and connecting a new cable from your trunk latch to the release button or lever near the driver’s seat. This allows you to open the trunk from inside the vehicle.
You might need a trunk latch release cable replacement if the cable has snapped or become damaged. 
When it is functioning properly, the release cable either pulls the trunk latch open as the driver pulls a lever, or it runs from an electric actuator to the trunk latch when a release button is pressed.

How is a trunk latch release cable replaced? 

To replace a trunk latch release cable, a mechanic will typically follow these steps: 
  • Open the vehicle trunk and remove trim paneling to access cable
  • Remove the broken cable from the latch and its interior connection point 
  • Install a new cable—connecting it to the latch and the same interior point
  • Put the trim paneling back on and test the release button/lever for operation 

Signs that your trunk latch release cable needs replacement

Here are some ways to tell if your trunk latch release cable needs replacing: 
  • Test the release button or lever—if the trunk doesn’t open, then check if it still opens with your trunk key (so you know that it’s the cable that’s not working, versus another latch mechanism) 
  • Pull on the trunk handle—a loose or broken cable can make it so your trunk does not latch or unlatch
  • Listen for the click—if your trunk clicks but does not release when the button or lever are engaged, this can signal damage in the cable, too
You might not need to replace the entire cable in some situations. Therefore, it’s best to check with your mechanic if you encounter any issues opening your trunk.

How important is a trunk latch release cable replacement? 

Because you can still open your trunk with your trunk key, **a broken release cable isn’t a major concern**. Replacing it is a priority of convenience. 

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