What is a transmission speed sensor replacement?

In this service, a mechanic will verify that your transmission speed sensor is faulty and then perform a replacement service.
The transmission speed sensor is a magnetic sensor that calculates the speed of the transmission’s torque converter or input shaft. The transmission control unit will be unable to identify the actual speed if the sensor is damaged, making it hard or impossible to shift gears.

How to replace your transmission speed sensor

A mechanic will usually do the following steps when performing a transmission speed sensor replacement:
  • Verify the transmission speed sensor needs to be replaced
  • Locate the sensor in the transmission housing unit and remove it
  • Install a new sensor into the transmission housing
  • Connect the transmission speed sensor
  • Road test the car and ensure the transmission speed sensor is working correctly
The transmission speed sensor isn’t a part that can be inspected during routine maintenance and it doesn’t have a set replacement interval.
As soon as something seems abnormal, be sure to get an inspection done.

How do I know if I need to get a transmission speed sensor replacement?

Here are a few key signs that will tell you if you need a transmission speed sensor replacement:
  • Transmission is shifting roughly
  • Transmission isn’t shifting into higher gears
  • Your speedometer and/or odometer isn’t working
  • Cruise control isn’t operating properly

How important is replacing my transmission speed sensor?

The transmission control unit will be unable to identify the actual speed if the transmission speed sensor is malfunctioning. This will make it extremely difficult to shift gears.
The car will become inoperable as a result of this, so it’s critical to get the sensor changed as soon as it’s found to be faulty.

Tips for a transmission speed sensor replacement

Keep in mind that transmission speed sensors are not repairable—they must be replaced. And to access the failing part on some models, one of the engine mounts may need to be removed.
While transmission speed sensor failure is not rare, numerous additional issues—including ABS sensor failure—can occur. To discover the true origin of the problem, a thorough professional inspection will probably be required.

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