What is a transmission oil pressure switch replacement?

In this service, a mechanic will remove the faulty transmission oil pressure switch and replace it with a new, fully functional switch.
Transmission fluid performs the same function as engine oil in that it lubricates moving parts and protects them from damage caused by friction. 
The transmission pressure oil switch reads the amount of pressure and then sends a signal to the computer, which calculates whether or not the clutch should be engaged to shift.
There will be multiple transmission fluid pressure switches on your transmission, but the precise number will vary by the type of transmission installed and the year, make, and model of your vehicle.

How to replace your transmission oil pressure switch

The mechanic will usually complete the following steps to replace the transmission oil pressure switch:
  • Check the switch to make sure it needs to be replaced
  • Remove the defective switch
  • Install a new transmission oil pressure switch
  • Test the new switch to ensure it’s working properly

How do I know when to get my transmission oil pressure switch replaced?

There are a few common issues when it comes to your transmission oil pressure switch you should keep an eye out for:
  • Your check engine light is on
  • The transmission shifts feel harsh
  • The transmission is in limp mode
  • Your transmission won’t shift to higher gears

How important is replacing my transmission oil pressure switch?

Your transmission will not shift correctly if the fluid pressure switches are defective. You may not be able to change into higher gears because the check engine light will illuminate.
This could lead to harsh shifts or a limp mode, where you are unable to accelerate out of second gear. It’s best to have the issue looked at and addressed promptly.

Tips for a transmission oil pressure switch replacement

When transmission oil pressure switches fail, they cannot be repaired and must be replaced. You may need to replace the transmission control module as well, depending on the extent of the damage.
Although regular transmission fluid changes can avoid failure, these switches are not inspected during any maintenance session.

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