What is a traction control light inspection?

Whether it’s hitting a puddle or a patch of black ice, losing your grip on the road is a recipe for an accident. That’s why your car’s traction control is so important for your safety.
Wheel speed sensors monitor the traction between your car’s tires and the road surface. When one of them detects a loss of grip, the traction control system automatically decreases the power being sent to the other tires. While this function won’t eliminate the possibility of a skid, it does lower the chance of one.
Sometimes the systems need maintenance. If your traction control light is on, your mechanic will check your traction control system and sensors for damage or anything that might interfere with their readings.

How to get your traction control light inspected

Because checking a traction control light means interacting with a car’s computer, you’re best off taking your vehicle to a trusted mechanic. They will have all the tools needed to inspect and repair the speed sensors and the traction control system.
You can expect your mechanic to check for all the common causes of a traction control light coming on, such as:
  • Broken wheel sensors
  • Faulty traction control module
  • Malfunctioning ABS
Because the traction control system shares a control module with your car’s anti-lock braking system (ABS), a problem with one may be mistakenly attributed to the other. In these cases, the traction control light on your dash will often be accompanied by the ABS light.

When do I need to get my traction control light inspected?

A loss of traction control is most dangerous during inclement weather. While you can still drive with a traction control light on, you’re at an increased risk of an accident.
You should take your car in for a traction control inspection as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more likely an accident will occur.

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