What is a timing cover replacement?

During this service, a mechanic will pop the hood of your car to access the timing cover to confirm it is damaged and replace it.
Depending on the car you drive and the auto shop you go to, the total cost of parts and labor could be between $363 to $1,396 for a timing cover replacement.

How to replace a timing cover

To replace your timing cover, the mechanic will usually follow these steps:
  • Look at the timing cover to assess the condition of the part
  • Remove the defective timing cover and clean the gasket surfaces
  • Install the new timing cover and tighten it to specifications
  • Check the timing cover for any oil leaks and adjust as needed
  • Test drive the vehicle to ensure proper operation

When do I need to replace my timing cover?

You’ll need to replace your timing cover sooner rather than later if you notice the following symptoms:
  • Engine oil or coolant is leaking
  • Rasping or grating sound coming from the front of your engine
  • Sharp decrease in power when you are driving at an incline
If your timing cover is not operating properly, debris will damage your timing belt and engine. Driving without the protection of a timing cover will lead to the timing belt slipping off the pulleys and causing severe damage to your engine.

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